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Student Government

The Student Government is the representative body for students. It works with RIT administration, faculty and staff to communicate the needs and desires of the student body and to communicate the decisions of the administration to RIT students. It encourages the student body to formulate and express its opinion, provides a series of services to student organizations, recognizes clubs and major organizations and actively engages in the university’s open governance system.



These organizations represent a significant population of RIT students and provide direct input to Student Government on student issues and advocacy:

ALANA Collegiate Association (ACA)

The ALANA Collegiate Association (ACA) is a representative student organization at RIT, whose purpose is to be an inclusive organization that works to change the current status and sustain an awareness of the ALANA (African American, Latino American, Asian American, and Native American) population as being an integral part of the RIT campus and surrounding communities. The organization strives to maintain a strong sense of cultural heritage through sponsoring various programs, coordinating community service events, and working in collaboration with other RIT clubs and entities to garner an inclusive relationship that enables ACA to “Make a Positive Difference” in the lives of their peers, the RIT Faculty/Staff and surrounding community members.

Global Union

Global Union is the largest multicultural student organization at RIT. It promotes understanding of diversity and the development of a strong multicultural movement within our community. The Union encourages cooperation, interaction, and communication among all ethnic groups at RIT while providing leadership and support to all its affiliated organizations. 

NTID Student Congress

This governing board (existing within the Student Government) helps to provide services and programs, and review issues for the approximately 1,100 students enrolled within NTID (the National Technical Institute for the Deaf) and RIT.


OUTspoken is a Representative Student Organization representing LGBTQ students and our allies on campus. We work within Student Government to empower gender and sexual diverse students, to educate the RIT community at large on LGBTQ issues, and to represent the needs and concerns faced by LGBTQ students and allies. 

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The RIT SAAC functions as a representative body of the student-athletes on campus. As a committee, we provide leadership opportunities and community service events for athletes and also try to foster cameraderie across athletic teams through different programs. SAAC also recognizes hardworking, dedicated athletes with awards at our athletic banquet each year. We have worked closely with Student Government in the last two years to form a partnership with the idea to create school spirit using athletics as a binding force. RIT Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is a leading entity in the Liberty League and the Atlantic Hockey Conferences, hosting conference wide events and meetings.



These organizations provide significant services to RIT students and work closely with Student Government:

College Activities Board (CAB)

The College Activities Board (CAB) is a student-run organization that serves as the coordinating body for all major RIT student activities and programs. The mission of CAB is to provide a diverse assortment of entertaining and engaging events that enrich the RIT student experience.  

Reporter Magazine

Reporter is RIT's fully student-run magazine. They publish weekly online content, monthly 32-page full-color print magazines, as well as various podcasts and videos. Reporter draws their talented staff of writers, artists, photographers, videographers and editorial board members from the entire student body. Reporter has consistently won state and national awards as it fulfills its mission to put forth informative, innovative and enjoyable content for the RIT community. Members of the RIT community can write and send op-eds or letters to the editor to that may be published in their op-ed section. For more information, check out their website.


WITR is an FM radio station operated by RIT students. It is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a noncommercial, educational station. It is also licensed to be on the air 24 hours a day with a power of 910 watts, which covers the Rochester area.