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All reservations and events held on campus are completed through RIT Events. RIT Events also processes all non-credit bearing student requests for academic space through the Registrars Office.

Non-affiliated requests to use RIT spaces must be made through RIT's Office of Government and Community Relations by calling  585.475.5012.

Visit the Room Descriptions page to learn more about each of the rooms in the Campus Center and SAU.

The Campus Center

Before the University built the Gordon Field House & Activities Center on campus in 2004, the original Woodward Swimming Pool was located in the center of campus and attached to the existing Student Alumni Union. It was closed to provide an opportunity to create supplemental student focused space devoted to student success. One of the many highlights of the Campus Center is the unique water feature. The Campus Center fountain is a sustainable and innovative re-use of the Woodward Swimming Pool. The existing concrete steps for the fountain were formerly the swimming pool bleachers.

The Campus Center holds many offices important to student success as well as 7 meeting rooms of various sizes and interests!

The Student Alumni Union

RIT's original campus was in downtown Rochester. According to Mr. Alfred L. Davis, Vice President Emeritus of RIT, as the University grew in enrollment, RIT's Board of Trustees felt that the University should expand and relocate. On the night of November 21, 1961, the Board voted to build a new campus in Henrietta. That same night, as soon as student leaders heard the exciting news, the Student Association (predecessor to Student Government) voted to donate $10,000 towards construction of the new campus. This donation was very significant because it came from the student body.

When it was time for the Board of Trustees to select a name for the new "Union", they gave considerable thought to an appropriate name. They wanted a name to reflect the philosophy that this building should be available for the benefit of every member of the RIT community- students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors alike. Second, they wished to recognize the outstanding financial contributions of RIT's alumni towards the Union. The name reflected the strong connection between the current RIT population and its alumni. Thus was born the name "College Alumni Union." Students later lobbied to change the name so that it might better represent the fact that students need a place dedicated for students. The Student Alumni Union name was adopted.

Today the SAU is a living and learning laboratory, whose services and programs promote student interaction, experiential education, and self-governance in partnership with RIT faculty and staff.  


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