Committee Heads

Lana Verschage Headshot
Lana Verschage
Director of Diversity Initiatives and Women in Computing
Olivia Nuccitelli Headshot
Olivia Nuccitelli
Sr. Staff Specialist of Women in Computing
Alyssa Sfravara Headshot
Alyssa Sfravara
Public Relations Committee Co-Head
Peyton Wagner Headshot
Peyton Wagner
Public Relations Committee Co-Head
Ashley Alt Headshot
Ashley Alt
Outreach Committee Co-Head
Katie Collier Headshot
Katie Collier
Outreach Committee Co-Head
Kelsey Tirado Headshot
Kelsey Tirado
Events Committee Head
Jessica Ancillotti Headshot
Jessica Ancillotti
WiCHacks Committee Head
Kristin Yap Headshot
Kristin Yap
Projects Committee Co-Head
Audrey Fuller Headshot
Audrey Fuller
Projects Committee Co-Head
Hanna Koh Headshot
Hanna Koh
Quincy Myles Jr. Headshot
Quincy Myles Jr.
Allies Committee Head


 Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer with a small silver figurine in it

3D Printing

WiC offers 3D printing using our very own Ultimaker 2+ printer, located in the Wegmans WiC Collaboratory. Active members can 3D print up to 25 grams of filament for free each semester. For 3D print requests, please fill out this form: and email the current project committee head with your print STL file.

WiC arcade table. It is turned off, and purple in color.

2017-Present: Raspberry Pi Arcade Table

The arcade table was created using a raspberry pi 3 to run Retropie, in order to create a bar top arcade emulator. It is for one or two players with multiple games on the system. Can be found in the WiC space.

Documentation on the Raspberry Pi Arcade Table

a refitted 3D printer frame on a table writing on paper tapped down.

Pre-2019 - Present: Handwriting robot

This refitted 3D printer frame can emulate a person’s penmanship using Arduino software. A frame to hold this is currently under construction. Can be found in the Wegmans WiC Collaboratory.

a lamp in the shape of the letters WiC on a wooden base with the words etched in it reading "Women in Computing: Projects 2020/21" and gritty mascot plushy behind it

2021: WiC Lamp

A laser cut vinyl and wooden lamp with hand-assembled internal wiring to make our logo shine in the Wegmans WiC Collaboratory.

a robotic hand set up on a wooden table

2019: Robotic Hand

We are following a tutorial Microsoft displayed at the Grace Hopper Conference this year. Using some straw, rubber bands, and an arduino we can make a robotic hand that can move like a human’s can.

Documentation on the Robotic Hand

a person taking a picture reflected in the mirror

2018: Magic Mirror

The magic mirror was made using a raspberry pi, a monitor and a 2-way mirror. Using and modifying the open source Magic Mirror2 code we set up the screen to display WiC events, the date and time, and some local news. By using a 2-way mirror we could have this display shine through so you can get some useful information while using a mirror.

Documentation on the Magic Mirror


The WiC Allies committee within Women in Computing purpose is to help and support the goals of our organization as a whole. We want to affect positive change and foster a more inclusive GCCIS (Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences) culture.

At the Allies committee meetings, we discuss gender-related issues in computing and host/support events to help encourage resolution. 

Join the conversation by attending one of our meetings or workshops.

Public Relations

A group of people posing for a picture with a rocky looking wall behind them.

The responsibilities of the Public Relations committee are to update and maintain Social Media, brochures and newsletters. They are also responsible for scheduling company tech talks, info sessions and cultivating relationships with university recruiters at the RIT career fair. This committee plans and executes WiConnects, a networking event for Golisano faculty, students and WiC Allies.


A group of people sitting at long tables eating lunch

The responsibilities of the Events committee are to plan, advertise, and execute internal and external social events, student tech talks, outings, and combined events with other Golisano clubs.


two instructors addressing listeners who are working on computers


ROCGirl Hacks is a mini-hackathon for 6th-12th grade students. The event’s mission is to further the education and exploration of technology in middle and high school grade girls, while also being an all-inclusive event.

three girl scouts standing next to ritchie the tiger mascot smiling for a picture

Girl Scout Tech Badge day

Girl Scouts spend the day with Women in Computing undergraduate student instructors and mentor them to earn their Technology and Cybersecurity Badge. These workshops are created to help inspire young girls to study computing or choose it as a career choice.

a large group of people indoors posing for a picture most of which are in WiC purple t-shirts

WiC After Hours

After Hours is a program for accepted students entering into the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences that works in conjunction with RIT's Accepted Open House. It is typically held at the end of March and first week in April. Students choose one weekend to attend. After Hours is designed to be an informative, fun, and social event where we will have many activities planned like a Q&A panel and a college-wide scavenger hunt! It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and possibly your future roommate!

a large group of people outdoors posing for a picture most of which are in WiC purple t-shirts

WiC Orientation Program

Women in Computing’s Orientation program will provide incoming computing students with early access to the RIT experience, helping them to prepare for success and increase confidence. They will get to know fellow women classmates, both in their year and upperclassmen while participating in our great team activities!

a group of children holding up pictures while smiling


Throughout the semester, the Outreach committee visits the YMCA to teach them activities relating to technology and encourage them to enter a computing field. Previously, we have done activities like Caesar Cipher, Spheros, pixel art, and creating paper robots!


a group of people standing for a picture under balloons that spell out "WIC HACKS"

The responsibilities of the WiCHacks committee are to plan and execute the annual WiC Hackathon. The Women in Computing Hackathon (WiCHacks) mission is to enhance opportunities for students who identify as women or gender minorities in the tech industry and all students who support them, regardless of gender or sex. WiCHacks values diversity and inclusion as essential to our mission and welcomes anyone in support of moving this mission forward, including those of other genders or sex, to sign up for the hackathon. Hosted by Women in Computing (WiC) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the hackathon is a 24-hour, collaborative programming event in which participants create an app, website, game, or other piece of software throughout the event!

For more information on WiCHacks, please visit