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Summer Short Courses

For many years, the Munsell Color Science Laboratory has offered industrial short courses during the summer. These have evolved over time to reflect both the needs of industrial color applications and the research interests of the faculty.

During the current restructuring it was decided that the courses would be put on hold for 2013, but we expect to bring them back in some form in the future. The interaction with industry is a fundamental requirement for the existance of the Lab, and without it we would lose a valuable connection for our students and research alike.

In the past, the topics have been varied. Here is a sampling of what has been offered:

  • Understanding Color
  • Color Vision
  • CIE Color Spaces
  • Color Measurements
  • Setting Color Tolerances
  • Beyond Color: Gloss and Texture
  • Color and Illumination
  • Color Imaging
  • Color and Image Appearance
  • Psychophysical Methods
  • Surface Appearance Capture and Rendering
  • Colorant Database Development and Evaluation
  • Spectral and Colorimetric Matching Algorithms