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Work Abroad

Working abroad is a great way to experience a different culture, gain work experience in your field of study, and work for outstanding companies and organizations. You will get a different perspective on how to live and work and you will learn different ways of approaching and solving problems in a professional environment. Working abroad is sure to be a great experience both personally and professionally.


  1. Work Options
    1. International Internships
    2. Short-term Paid Work Abroad
    3. Volunteer Work Abroad
    4. Teaching Abroad
  2. Agencies/Programs
    1. Cultural Vistas Fellowship Program
      1. Internships
      2. Summer Internships
      3. Fellowships
    2. CRCC Asia
    3. DAAD
    4. BUNAC
    5. Global Experiences
    6. GlobaLinks Learning
    7. IAESTE
    8. The Education Abroad Network
    9. Passport to India
    10. IENA
  3. Travel Information
    1. Health Insurance Coverage
    2. Travel Advisory
    3. Language and Culture
    4. Documents
    5. Currency
    6. Housing
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How would I benefit?
    2. What should I do first?
    3. How can I best prepare?
    4. What is the cost?
    5. When should I start looking for a work abroad opportunity?
    6. Who is eligible to work abroad and what are the requirements?
    7. Do I need to speak the language?
    8. Have other students worked overseas?
    9. Do I need a visa to work abroad?
    10. Would I be able to save some money?
    11. Are there any work abroad opportunities after graduating?
  5. Contact Us

Work Options

International Internships

  • Internships usually are not paid
  • The type of work is more directly related with your field of study
  • Duration is generally one summer or semester to up to one year
  • Many internships offer learning programs for academic credit

Short-term Paid Work Abroad

  • The types of jobs include restaurant work, temping, childcare, farm work, and similar fields
  • These programs are more frequent in Europe
  • Typical duration is from a summer up to a year

Volunteer Work Abroad

  • Volunteering is for those who are motivated and willing to serve paying less attention to compensation
  • The fields are usually in the education, health, environment, and small-business sectors
  • Great opportunity for those interested in development and non-governmental organizations
  • Duration is usually two weeks to two years

RIT Partner for Volunteering

Cross Cultural Solutions: Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly to local economies.

Their programs are available in Central and South America, Thailand, India, Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco.

Cost: Prices may vary according to the duration of the program; 1 week program cost is costing around 2, 480 dollars including housing, meals, medical insurance, excursions and activities, free emergency hotline to the U.S., language lessons, etc.

Cross Cultural Solutions also offers assistant to students to obtain funding and all fees are also tax deductible.



Volunteering Organizations outside RIT Partnerships: (below are the top 3 volunteering programs placement organizations)

Cultural Embrace: Cultural Embrace is an organization that helps students to find volunteering opportunities abroad. Students can choose to volunteer by teaching or tutoring English, assisting in an orphanage or elder home, social welfare, building/construction projects, and animal or land conservation; or decide to travel throughout the region to visit main attractions.

Their programs are available in South Africa, Latin America, Thailand, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Cost: Prices may vary by region but the estimate is around 1,320 to 1,800 per week including housing, meals and transportation, they will charge extra if the student is willing to stay more weeks.


Volunteer for Peace (VFP): Since 1982 volunteer for peace has worked with students and young professionals from around the globe to accomplish volunteering projects in different developing countries. VFP offers over 3000 projects in more than 100 countries. Projects arise from local community and organizational needs. Most projects are organized by non-profits, non-governmental organizations, environmental and community groups. Types of project include:

  • Workcamps Volunteer with people from 4 or more countries for a 2-3 week service project, building cultural understanding and meeting a local need
  • Individual Service Adventures - Create a personalized 2-week to 1-year international service project
  • Group Projects - Custom-build an international service experience for your educational or community group

Cost: Volunteer pay a $500 registration fee that covers accommodation and food during the project. Volunteers are also responsible for their own airfare. In many of their projects in the developing world (Aisia, Africa, Central and South America) there may be an extra fee of $200 - $500 dollars. For more information, please visit . Scholarships opportunities are also possible please visit


Developing World Connections: As a Developing World Connections volunteer, you will work as part of a team building a needed community centre, training facility, home or school for 1 - 2 weeks. You can directly assist our host communities as you work side by side local people and community members to improve their own lives and build a sustainable future. You become part of a service-based grassroots movement and a growing community of active global citizens.

You can volunteer on projects in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Rwanda,Swaziland, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Nepal, and Peru.

Cost: The Program Cost for each country varies between $1,869 and $2,239. These costs include a $500 project donation, a $500 program fee, and in-country costs such as meals, accommodation, and in-country ground transport. It does not include airfare, which will vary in cost depending on location and time of year.

Your Volunteer Experience is 100% tax deductible. We will issue a charitable tax receipt for the Program Cost plus your airfare. You may also fundraise for the total cost of your trip including your airfare. In these cases, we will issue a charitable tax receipt to those who donate on your behalf.



Teaching Abroad

  • This option is a long term commitment of one to two years
  • A college degree is usually required

Paid Teaching Positions Abroad:
Spain Cultural Ambassadors Program: Would you like to spend a school year in Spain? Getting to know its culture and people while improving your Spanish and collaborating with other foreign language teachers in school tasks? The Spanish Ministry of Education offers you Paid English Teaching Assistant Positions available all over Spain. Apply Online from November 1 to March 30, the program period is from September to June of every year. You can contact them at

France Teaching Assistant Program: Are you ready to expand your cultural horizons and share your language and culture with French students? The Teaching Assistant Program in France offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months, teaching English to French students of all ages.

Korea Teach and Learn in Korea (TALK) program: Teach and Learn in Korea, also known as the “TaLK” Program, is a unique scholarship opportunity for undergraduates who are seeking a personal, professional and educational experience in Korea. Applicants must be Native English Speaker. At the time of application, all applicants must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s program and have completed at least two(2) years of undergraduate study OR have obtained an Associate's degree.

Korea EPIK program: EPIK, affiliated to the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was established in 1995 with the missions to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea, to develop cultural exchanges, and to reform English teaching methodologies in Korea. This program is just for English Native Speaker that has already accomplished a Bachelors Degree and has the ability and willingness to adapt to the Korean Culture and lifestyle.

Chile English Open Doors Program: Join BridgeTEFL, the Chilean Ministry of Education, and the United Nations Development Program as an English teacher in the English Opens Doors Program. You'll teach English to elementary or high school students, assisting a local English teacher. You'll live with a host family, become a member of the community, and learn about a new culture. You'll walk away with a killer resume, professional contacts, lifelong friends, and a new perspective. Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

Japan The Jet Program: Enables local authorities to employ foreign youth for the purpose of improving foreign language education as well as promoting international exchange at the local level. After completing their time on the Program, many former JET participants use their experiences in Japan to continue enhancing relations between Japan and their home countries.

CIEE Teach Abroad: CIEE offers paid teaching positions in seven countries (Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam) for university graduates looking to teach English abroad and immerse themselves in a foreign community.

China- Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation: The Ameson Year in China program is for recent college graduates and other qualified applicants seeking to expand their horizons and develop a global vision using their natural asset – English. In exchange for teaching English as a contribution to Chinese students for an academic year, the AYC is designed to give participants the chance to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture, learn one of the world's most in- demand languages, enhance their professional development, gain professional experience, and improve future employment prospects in the U.S. and around the world. The program also provides opportunities to conduct independent projects of personal significance and establish a personal business or academic network in China, which can all be invaluable assets for a future career.


There are many agencies that can assist you in the search. Some of these programs can assist you with getting work permits, visas, health insurance or provide you with information about companies within the countries. See below for some work abroad programs.

Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vista Fellowship Program: This program offers 12 U.S. university students the opportunity to enrich their academic learning through professional internship and immersion experiences in Argentina, Germany, and Singapore during the summer. Funding for this initiative is provided directly by Cultural Vistas. Includes virtual learning seminars to orient fellows to the program's intended outcomes; familiarize them with respective host countries; as well as to introduce the theme of sustainability and explore relevant issues and practices, Pre-departure orientation in New York City for fellows to meet, share learning goals, and prepare for their international internships, Eight-week internships in Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Singapore with one cohort of up to four fellows traveling to each international destination (June-July 2013), re-entry seminar and post-program activities. The program is open to full-time juniors and seniors with practical experience in engineering, environmental awareness or related sciences. Preference is given to students underrepresented within international exchange. Deadline for application January 4, 2013. For more details about program benefits visit their website.


Mountbatten Institute: Since 1984 the Mountbatten Institute has provided thousands of young graduates with international training in business through its highly acclaimed internship programs in New York, London and Thailand.

  • Full-time, one-year paid internship in London or New York with evening and weekend study
  • Receive a Postgraduate Certificate or MBA in International Business Practice

For more info visit:

COINED: Provides student the opportunity to embrace Latin American sizzling culture and its language: Paid Internships, Volunteer Program, and Spanish Courses. Their team will fully assist RIT Student to choose the program and the destination that best suits your needs and expectations. COINED offers internship programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile and Spain. COINED internship placements are available in various professional areas including marketing, business, human resources, architecture, fashion design, law, medicine and more.

Summer Internships

DREAM CAREERS: Offers unique all inclusive global internship programs in England, Spain, China and Spain. This program includes guaranteed internship placement, housing, meal plan, weekend activities, career seminars and more! Companies of all sizes utilize DREAM CAREERS services because they are able to expand the reach of any company by recruiting top students from around the world. DREAM CAREERS has over ten years of experience developing strong relationships with hiring managers of top companies as for example: Marvel, Yahoo, Adidas, CNN, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lancôme, etc. Internship placement is available for all majors.

PASONA JAPAN EXCHANGE PROGRAM: The Pasona Internship Program has offered the Summer Internship Program in Japan to American graduate and selected undergraduate students since 1988. So far, over 370 students have had the unique working experience in the Japanese corporate world through the Internship Programs.

The program has offered internships at various Japanese corporations for approximately 10 students each year. Interns will receive 120,000 yen per month as allowance (subject to change depending on internship period) plus accommodations in a company dormitory. Work-related travel expenses will also be provided by the host company. Pasona Internship Program will reimburse a round-trip economy airfare between the U.S. and Japan up to $1,200.

To qualify, candidates must be highly proficient in the Japanese language and must currently be enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student.



The CRCC Asia Internship Program offers a unique opportunity to gain professional experience in Beijing. Fluent English is the only language requirement. Field include but are not limited to: Finance, PR, Human Resources, Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Logistics, Environment, Education, IT, Law, Engineering, Advertising.


DAAD offers a wide range of opportunities to students, scholars, and higher education institutions of the United States and Canada, from undergraduate students to faculty, for study and research in Germany.


BUNAC offers US students and young people work/travel programs to Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Global Experiences LLC

Global Experiences LLC provides a tremendous opportunity to gain invaluable practical unpaid work experience, learn new foreign language skills, and cultural immersion opportunities that are second to none.
Experience life as an international intern in Italy, Australia, Spain, France or the UK.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad in partnerships with RIT offers you the chance to intern in two of the world most exciting and important destinations – Shanghai, China and Sydney, Australia. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has over 20 years experience sending students on a wide variety of international education programs, including international internships. Our internship program has thoughtfully been designed to give you the best career development opportunity available. You will gain valuable global skills that are high in demand in today’s competitive job market. Each individual’s internship experience is unique, and we recognize that students have personal goals and aspirations. Our Discovery Model combines the design of our programs, along with the support of our North American and overseas staff, to offer all participants the unique advantage of discovery in 5 key areas: personal, academic, cultural, social, and professional. Not only do our participants enjoy our personalized services, but they also benefit from our knowledge of the region and our on-site locally based staff members.


The IAESTE Internship Program places university students into paid technical internships in approximately 40 of our 80+ member-country network. Internships are open to college sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students pursuing a degree in science, engineering, mathematics, architecture, computer science, or other technical fields. Non-U.S. citizens studying at American universities are also encouraged to apply. The majority of internships are 8 to 12 weeks during the summer, but longer placements of up to one year may also be available. Language skills are not required, but are preferred.

The Education Abroad Network

The Education Abroad Network Internship Abroad Program collaborates with top industry leaders in these countries and provides students with an all-inclusive internship experience! Take advantage of our connections in Australia & China. We provide housing, language courses if necessary, on- site arrival orientation, airport pickup, cultural activities, and internship placement as well as support services throughout the application process and during the internship.

Passport to India

The Passport to India is a U.S. State Department and India government initiative to promote work abroad opportunities in India. Passport to India works with foundations and businesses in two ways: by encouraging the funding of existing internship programs in India that are seeking to expand, and by encouraging companies to commit to sponsoring American students for internships in their own India-based facilities.


International Exchange of North America (IENA) offers international opportunities, enabling participants to explore and experience other countries and cultures from the inside in a way that a casual visitor never can. US students can choose from destinations – Australia, Canada, Colombia and New Zealand – for a challenging, once in a lifetime experience of living, working and traveling overseas.

Travel Information

Health Insurance Coverage

You should be familiar with all circumstances in your host country that could affect your health and safety Health Insurance Coverage.

Travel Advisory

The U.S. Department of State website will allow you to check the status of a country’s travel advisory, as well as important tips and information for students. You can also find additional information about a country from the U.S. Embassy and Consulate.

Language and Culture

Speaking the native language is not always a requirement for working overseas, therefore check with the company that you are targeting. Be aware that you are entering a new country and a new culture. Find out as much information as you can about the country you are visiting including language, cultural do’s and don’t, economic problems, and national attraction. Talk to other students and family members who have traveled to these countries. You can also visit the International Student Support Services to find out if we have any current students attending RIT from that country. This is a great way to gain first hand knowledge about your destination.


Prepare for the unexpected! One of the obstacles that you will probably encounter in preparing for an international work experience is the documentation.

Passport – If you don’t already have one, apply for a passport. The cost for a new passport is $85 and it typically takes about 6 weeks to arrive. If you’re in a hurry, you can pay an additional $60 and the cost of overnight delivery to receive the passport within 2 weeks.

Visas/Permits – All countries require special permission for foreigners to work in their countries. For co-op students, Visas are fairly easy to obtain. If you’re looking for full time employment, a Work Permit Visa is usually available only through application by the employer offering you the position. When filling out the application, they must prove that you have unique skills or abilities not possessed by local citizens.

For additional information regarding passports, visas, immunizations and testing, and additional fees, visit the U.S. Department of State site.


We do not recommend you travel with US dollars. Travel with Traveler’s checks. If they are lost or stolen they can be replaced, and they are accepted in many countries. Have local currency with you when you arrive in that country, so you can pay for transportation and other expenses. Credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express are widely accepted around the world. Your ATM debit card might work overseas as well, but check with your financial institution before leaving the US. For information on currency conversion click here.


When working overseas, housing is usually the responsibility of the student or individual looking for a job. Available accommodations will vary by country and specific locality. There are certain organizations that specialize in providing housing, for a cost, to a student on internship or co-op assignment. Below are links to some of these organizations as well as general search sites. – Online database of apartment rentals for U.S., Canada and other countries. – Resources for overseas living, geared towards full time work assignments. housing service provider in London is an association of International Houses from across the continents, they provide students of different nationalities with the opportunity to live and learn together in a community of mutual respect, understanding and international friendship. Locations: Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I benefit?

  • Obtain co-op credit for your work
  • Gain valuable work experience and develop new skills
  • Understand global issues by experiencing them first-hand
  • Expand your cultural horizons
  • Develop your foreign language skills
  • Expand your professional network
  • Make new friends

What should I do first?

  • Review the Work Abroad Partners on our website
  • Attend a Work Abroad Information Session
  • Meet with Maria Richart for more information

How can I best prepare?

  • Think about the countries you wish to work in
  • Determine when you would like to work abroad
  • Take language courses appropriate to your target country
  • Make sure your passport is up-to-date
  • Invest enough time working with our office to find the right assignment to meet your needs

What is the cost?

  • Cost varies depending on your destination
  • By using the work abroad agencies, work permits and service fees may be included. Most do not include plane fare, or room and board
  • Some overseas jobs may pay enough to cover living expenses, but plan on taking enough money to travel and cover your expenses
  • There is No Financial Aid for working abroad

When should I start looking for a work abroad opportunity?

Start looking at least 6 months before you are due to co-op or looking to move overseas. This is not a short process and can take a long time to establish the connections and get the paperwork needed to work abroad. If you don’t already have one, get a passport. Research countries, organizations and processes by usings sites like Going Global (which is available as a link in RIT Job Zone). It contains more than 10,000 job resources.

Who is eligible to work abroad and what are the requirements?

For students: At the time that you become eligible to co-op, you are eligible to work abroad. For students enrolled in engineering or technical programs, we do recommend that you pursue these opportunities after your first or second co-op. You will have the advantage of having work experience and will be better prepared to approach the international work environment.

Do I need to speak the language?

Not necessarily, but it will depend on the company or organization that you’re working for. Most large corporations will have some English speaking employees and can actually benefit from hiring an English speaking student. Other companies may want you to speak their native tongue in order to conduct business and deal with co-workers and customers. Find out what the language requirements are for a specific company before making any commitments.

Have other students worked overseas?

Yes. Most work abroad opportunities have been through our partner organizations such as Cultural Vistas, Global Experience, etc. Want to learn about some of their experiences? Click here

Contact Us

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Associate Director for International Outreach
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