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Our Fitness Classes

What are people saying

I love the cross-training classes in the morning because it hits all the muscles in the body. Keith works on upper body stretch as well as balance exercises.
I feel so much better since quitting smoking. I can climb the stairs without feeling winded.
Spinning provides a good workout for all levels, and I would recommend the class as a good aerobics option.
I love the mix of strength training and cardio and the fact that we do something different each class. It is a great workout!
You don’t realize how much time you waste and how much better you feel until you quit smoking.
I needed to change up my exercise routine and challenge myself. Spin & Spin/Sculpt were a perfect fit for me.
In my opinion the continual coaching, advisement and feedback I receive from the HFS and the PT are priceless. I am extremely grateful for their knowledge, patience and professionalism.
I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Lisa's Beginner Circuit-type classes this summer. She is energetic, enthusiastic and always very welcoming and personable.
I wanted to take a fitness class that wouldn’t bother my neck. I signed up for Amanda’s stability ball class and told her my restrictions. This has been the best class.

Today's Wellness Classes

February 08 Monday
Time Class Location Instructor
6:30 AM Cycle & Sculpt ¤ SPIN Lisa
11:00 AM Aqua Boot Camp ¤ POOL Lisa
12:00 PM Stability Ball  ‡ GV Keith
12:00 PM Boot Camp MINI Lisa
12:30 PM Stability Ball  ‡ GV Keith
4:30 PM Boot Camp Express  ‡¤ GV Bruce
5:00 PM Aqua Fit ¤ POOL Kathy
5:00 PM Cycle & Sculpt ¤ SPIN Michelle L.
5:00 PM KettleBell GV Bruce
6:00 PM Total Body Stregth  ‡¤ GV Bruce