Mental Wellness

Better Me helps RIT employees improve their happiness through awareness and acceptance of their feelings, recognizing limitations, and coping effectively with life’s challenges. Better Me offers this support through two workshop series and RIT’s Employee Assistance Program.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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Personal issues, planning for life events, or managing daily life can affect your work, health, and family. Regular full- and part-time employees, their spouses or partners, and eligible children can receive counseling, financial resources, legal support and work-life solutions though RIT’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

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THRIVE! Sessions

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In this workshop series, we will break down the science of well-being and the key elements known to increase happiness, combat feeling overwhelmed, and move us from “surviving” to “thriving.” Each session includes practical and research-backed strategies to build resilience in the face of modern day stressors. Although concepts will build on one another throughout the series, each session is meant to stand on its own and you can attend at any time.