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Physician Assistant

Mission, Goals & Philosophy


The Rochester Institute of Technology Physician Assistant Program, built on a foundation of liberal arts and sciences, will prepare students to provide compassionate, high quality patient and health care services. Fundamental to the Program, is a commitment to develop within our students and faculty, the values and skills necessary for the pursuit of life-long learning and dedication to community service.


  1. Graduates will possess the didactic and clinical knowledge that is essential for the practice of physician assistant and which fosters sound judgment, intellectual honesty, critical thinking, the tools for life-long learning, and career-long pursuit of excellence.
  2. Graduates will possess clinical and technical competence and skills necessary for the practice of physician assistant, utilizing practice-based learning and understanding that the PA is an integral member of the health care team.
  3. Graduates will conduct themselves in a professional manner, utilizing appropriate interpersonal communication skills, personal integrity, and an attitude of respect for self and others.
  4. PA students will demonstrate success through goal-oriented and career focused endeavors during their educational journey.
  5. Graduates will meet standardized requirements to become certified and maintain certification as physician assistants and participate in their profession.


The educational philosophy of the RIT PA Program is to provide all students with the necessary liberal arts and basic science foundation necessary to build solid medical knowledge and humanistic skills by which to ultimately provide high quality patient care to future patients. The faculty views the responsibilities of role modeling and mentoring as critical to the success of assimilating students to the realities and responsibilities of medicine today. The educational philosophy incorporates the attitudes of respect for individual patients into critical decision-making through the assimilation of appropriate interpersonal skills, compassion, and a respect and reverence for the position of physician assistant.

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