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Biomedical Engineering Cell, Tissue and Fluids Lab


This lab provides facilities and equipment for the preparation, conduct and assessment of experimental procedures associated with the manipulation and observation of materials that require support of a precisely controlled environment involving temperature, humidity, nutrient solutions and generally sterile conditions.  A typical example of this type of activity is an exercise designed to illustrate fundamental cell biology processes such as protein expression and manipulation.  The lab is equipped with specialized and general-purpose “wet lab” equipment including CO2 incubators, Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, and access to a walk-in refrigerator and other equipment necessary for the preparation and support of biological materials.

This lab was intentionally designed to serve as a multipurpose teaching facility to support fundamental curricular objectives that include cell and tissue biomechanical concepts covered in Functional Anatomy, core biology concepts presented in the Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers course sequence and integrated functionality associated with a variety of human tissues, organs and organ systems in System Physiology II.

Examples of courses in this lab:

  • BIME-200 Functional Anatomy
  • BIME-411 Systems Physiology II
  • BIOG-140 Cell & Molecular Biol Eng I
  • BIOG-141 Cell & Molecular Bio Eng II
  • EEEE-532 Fundamental Electrophysiology
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