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K-12 STEM Activities (REMS): Team


Tina Bonfiglio
K-12 Educator Consultant and Outreach Liaison
John Kaemmerlen
REMS Technical Content Development
ISE Senior Lecturer
Matthew Marshall
REMS Technical Content Development
ISE Associate Professor
Michael Kuhl
REMS Technical Content Development
ISE Professor
Jodi Carville
WE @ RIT Liaison
Director, Women in Engineering
Jacqueline Mozrall
REMS Executive Director
Interim Dean, Saunders College of Business Professor
Karen Ester
REMS Web Maintenance
KGCOE Communications Specialist

Contributors list

Former RIT Faculty and Staff: Andres Carrano, PhD., Arlene Meyer

RIT Engineering Students: Rami Abuabara, Abbey Donner, Atul Ghadge, Elizabeth Khol, Sourabh Jain, Catina Jelfo, Jennifer Leone, Christian Lopez, Sean Murnan, Kaitlin Peranski, Tim Schmoke, Ajith Sharma, Manuel Sosa, Srinath Sriram, Clayton Tontarski, Jeff Wojtusik, Fatma (Selin) Yanikara

Many thanks to all the teachers and student groups who utilized these activities to test and provide feedback for the development and enhancement of the curriculum lesson plans.

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