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Sustainability At RIT

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Transportation is a significant component of RIT’s carbon footprint.  It can also impact your wallet and your waistline.  We are therefore working hard to increase the number of transportation options available to the RIT community.  Think about using multi-modal transportation systems, where a combination of riding a shuttle, bicycling, and perhaps walking will get you to destinations throughout the region.

Whatever mode or modes of transportation you choose, remember to share the road and the sidewalks!


Bicycle commuting is recognized as a key component of RIT’s transportation system and is gaining popularity at RIT and on college campuses throughout the country. They offer a good alternative to get to and around campus, and to avoid traffic congestion using these recommended routes.  RIT has increased the number of bicycle racks throughout campus to encourage the use of this form of transportation and to assist in their safekeeping.  Use the Interactive Campus Map to find the bike rack closest to your destination.  All bicyclists are encouraged to register their bicycle with the National Bike Registry; you can do this with the RIT Public Safety Department.

Newly Installed Shared Use Path

RIT has recently completed a new bicycle/shared use path under NYSDOT standards that connects the East side of Campus to the West.  This bicycle path is on the southern portion of the academic campus and sixteen covered bicycle shelters have also been installed in close proximity to the path with an emphasis on density of parking in strategic locations.  This modern bicycle path also features pervious concrete drainage and eco-friendly swales instead of drainage grates and traditional storm sewer piping.  Find out more about the Shared Use Path.

More bicycle planning is currently underway.  To find out more about bicycling safety, bicycling at RIT and connect with paths to the Greater Rochester Region click here.

Shower and Storage Facilities

Bicycling to campus is a great way to exercise and work up a sweat.  But you might not want to go to work or class that way.  The following buildings on campus have shower and locker facilities that cyclists can take advantage of. 

  • George H. Clark Gymnasium – (basement)
  • Global Village Better Me Wellness Center – (next to Shear Global)
  • Louise Slaughter Hall – (restrooms closest to the Printing Lab)
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Hall - (1st floor, women-1787 and men-1771)
  • University Services Center – (1st floor by the elevator - shower facilities only)
  • Student Life Center – (locker rooms are downstairs)

Public Transit



RTS  has buses that run throughout the Rochester area and offer park and ride services.   All buses are equipped with bike racks, making multimodal commuting even easier.  Their easy to use trip planning tool allows you to enter your start and end destinations, desired time of departure or arrival and the system will map your route.

RTS Route 24, runs to downtown Rochester from RIT and stops on campus seven days a week. RIT community members do have to pay the $1 fare to ride this bus, even when getting on at RIT properties.

RIT Shuttle Services

Throughout the school year, RIT provides shuttle services with regularly scheduled stops at all RIT apartment complexes, Park Point, The Province, and academic areas. The routes are operated by two suppliers:  Regional Transit Service (RTS) and Golden Memories Transportation (GMT). To promote usage, these shuttles are free for RIT students, faculty & staff with a valid RIT ID. Additional information including shuttle schedules can be found here.

Weekend Shuttles

Public Market Bus (Sponsored by The Center for Women and Gender)

This shuttle takes the students to the Public Market on Saturday mornings.  The bus leaves RIT’s Gleason Circle promptly at 10am and returns at 12:30. It runs during the fall and spring quarters. The spring trips will start on 3/24 and end on 5/12. It is free to RIT students, faculty, and staff by showing your RIT ID. If the person transfers to an RTS bus once at the market, they are subject to the $1 fare in the RTS system per trip.*

Saturday Night Entertainment Bus – NEW PILOT PROGRAM

Beginning in January, a shuttle bus will run to downtown Rochester on Saturday nights so that RIT students can take an active part in all that Rochester has to offer.  This bus is free to RIT students, faculty, and staff by showing your RIT ID.  If the person transfers to an RTS bus once arriving downtown, they are subject to the $1 fare in the RTS system per trip.*

Weekend Shuttle Bus to local retail

This bus is free to RIT students, faculty and staff by showing your RIT ID.  If the person transfers to another RTS route, they are subject to the $1 fare in the RTS system per trip.*


*    An RTS trip is defined as getting on a bus and riding that to some destination on that bus – once transferring to a second bus, another $1 fare is required.

Motor Vehicles


RIT is currently working with the Genesee Transportation Council on the development of the Greater Rochester Commuter Choice Program.  Included in this program will be various options for carpooling throughout the entire nine county region.  The program is expected to be rolled out in 2012.  We will be informing the RIT community when the program is ready to go live.

Rideshare Board

Going away for the weekend or a break?  Share the cost of fuel and use the Student Government’s rideshare board located in the SAU.  You can post as a driver or a passenger. 

LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) or LEFE (Low Emission Fuel Efficient) Parking

Parking spaces are available specifically for vehicles that qualify under the LEED Low Emissions list.  These spaces are occupied daily by faculty, staff, and students who drive vehicles with qualified Low Emissions.  Currently the only parking lot that has LEV/LEFE parking is S Lot.  As we continue to construct new LEED certified buildings we will see an expansion of this program to additional parking lots on campus.  


RIT has increased the number of motorcycle parking spaces throughout campus. These additional spaces are for seasonal use only (Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters), and are located in lots C, D, E, S, T, and U. The new areas are located in the front row and are identified by temporary signs. A Reserved Parking Permit is not required in any of the specifically designated motorcycle areas.

More Information

For more information about parking and transportation at RIT please visit the Parking and Transportation website or send an email to