Bus Services

Fall 2020 RIT Shuttle Information

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Fall 2020 RIT Shuttle Information

Please note, due to construction around Gleason Circle, the main bus stop on campus has been moved to F Lot (outside of Chester Carlson Center for Imaging Science Building 76).

Rider Safety

Masks/face-coverings are required for all riders on RIT shuttles. All passengers must be seated while riding. Standing is no longer permitted. Please note, some seats may be blocked due to capacity restrictions. Hand sanitizing stations are provided at bus shelters throughout campus.

Please do not use the RIT shuttles if you are not feeling well. Contact the Student Health Center with any concerns about your health.

New Routes

Use the Campus Shuttle routes to access residential and campus locations, including Park Point and Province. There are four RIT shuttles running the same Campus Loop every hour from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. weekdays. Each RIT shuttle will be followed by a non-branded bus to accommodate additional riders. See below for more details on the routes/schedules.

Two RIT shuttles will be servicing the RIT Inn hourly on weekdays.

Two Off-Campus Express shuttles will provide service to connect with RTS Routes and some retail/residential areas around Henrietta including East and West Henrietta Road, MCC and MCC Applied Tech Annex, Walmart, and Marketplace Mall.

Due to reduced capacity, limited RTS resources and New York State restrictions, the Friday and Saturday TE3 evening buses to downtown Rochester will not be avialable for the fall semester.

Campus Shuttles. 8/17/20 - 11/24/20

There are 4 campus shuttles. They are labeled Campus Shuttle Red, Green, Blue and Orange. The first three will follow the same route 15 minutes apart.

The Orange shuttle will follow a similar route but will not stop at the Perkins Green Apartment shelter. The Red, Green, Blue time schedules have been combined into 2 PDFs.(Part 1 & 2, see below) The Orange route schedule is listed separately.

Weekday Shuttle Schedules and Maps

Campus Shuttle Schedule 1                7:00AM ~ 2:26PM   /  Route Map
Campus Shuttle Schedule 2                2:13PM ~ 11:00PM  /  Route Map
Campus Shuttle Orange Schedule     7:45AM - 11:09PM  /   Route Map
RIT Inn Shuttle Schedule                      7:00AM - 11:27PM  /   Route Map
Off Campus Express Schedule            6:30AM - 11:35PM  /   Route Map


Saturday Shuttle Schedules and Maps

Campus Shuttle Schedule                   7:00AM - 11:09PM   /   Route Map
RIT Inn Shuttle Schedule                     7:00AM - 11:27PM   /   Route Map


Sunday Shuttle Schedules and Maps

Campus Shuttle Schedule                  7:00AM - 11:09PM   /  Route Map
RIT Inn Shuttle Schedule                    7:00AM - 11:27PM  /   Route Map
Sunday Retail Shuttle Schedule        9:45AM - 11:31PM  /   Route Map