Appeal Process

You may appeal a citation online. Your appeal must be filed within 10 calendar days of the citation date. The appeal decision (denied, reduced or confirmed) will be based on:

  • Accuracy of extenuating factors and information presented
  • Supporting documentation included with the appeal
  • Consideration of unusual circumstances and
  • Current parking record

If you have an RIT account, you are required to use the online appeals form in your MyParking Portal Account.  You will need the citation number as well as your license plate information to complete the appeals form.  RIT Members must be fully logged in to the portal account to file an appeal.  Please be sure you log in with your RIT credentials in order to appeal. Note: If you appeal a citation within the 10-day period, and you have no other outstanding fines, you can purchase a permit while the appeal is pending.

Make an Appeal (RIT Only)


If you do not have an RIT account, you can submit an appeal via the following online form:

Make an Appeal (NON-RIT Only)

You will receive the Appeal Administrator's decision by email within four weeks.

Appellants who disagree with the Appeal Administrator's decision may request a hearing before the Parking Appeals Board by submitting the Request for Parking Appeals Board Hearing form. The completed form must be submitted via the RIT Service Center within thirty (30) days of the date of the Appeal Administrator's decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person (visitor, student, faculty, staff, contract staff, vendor, etc.) with probable grounds for appeal may contest a citation.

Anyone who fails to appeal within the prescribed time waives their right to an appeal and subjects themself to the monetary fine. If you are a student, the citation fine will be automatically transferred to your Student Financial Services account.

The statement should include clear and convincing evidence. It should clearly state all the facts and deal with both sides of the issue. The statement may include an explanation of circumstances that were life threatening or situations that were beyond the petitioner's control.

The Appeals Administrator is a fair and impartial arbitrator and a member of the University community.

All appeals must be in written form. The Appeals Administrator does not meet nor speak with the petitioner. Therefore, a concise and accurate statement of appeal is very important in the outcome of the Administrator's decision.

If the Administrator denies the appeal/upholds the citation, the fine must be paid. The petitioner will be notified of the decision. A student's parking fine will be transferred to the Student Financial Services account. Employees or other community members will need to make payment arrangements immediately through the Parking Office or through the on-line payment process. If the appeal is granted/approved, the appellant's account and/or record is adjusted accordingly.

If you disagree with the decision, you may request a hearing before the Parking and Traffic Review Board by completing a Request for Parking Appeals Board Hearing form. The completed form must be submitted via the RIT Service Center within thirty days of the date of the Appeal Administrator's decision. If the completed request is not received within that time, you lose your opportunity to further contest the citation.