Driver Certification

The student driver certification process is a qualifier for renting or driving any Student Government or Parking & Transportation vehicle. The process includes a DMV background check as well as a written test on basic driving knowledge. All applicants must have a valid US or Canadian driver's license. If applicant has an out of state driver license, they will need to request a copy of their driver's abstract from their home state DMV office. A copy of the abstract should be submitted along with the certification application. The student driver certification is valid for one year. Each student driver is responsible for contacting the Office of Parking & Transportation Services with updated information related to their driving record. An updated background check will be performed every six (6) months. The driver certification privileges may be revoked if the driver has 3 or more moving violations/preventable accidents in the last 3 years or 2 or more moving violations/preventable accidents in the last 1 years.

The certification process may take up to seven days to complete upon receipt of all necessary forms.

Driver Certification Application

Please fill out the Driver Certification Application form. Once the application is received and processed, the office will contact the driver to set up a time to meet and complete the certification process.