Vendors & Contractors

All Vendors and Contractors must have a valid permit to park on campus.

Vehicles without a valid permit will be subject to citations.  Vendors and contractors can utilize ParkMobile spaces with proper payment.

To obtain a Vendor or Contractor permit, please apply below. The Parking Office will advise where your permit allows you to park, as well as any costs associated with the permit.

Apply for the Community Application

Parking is not allowed at loading docks, other than to load/unload tools and materials.  Flashers must be used while temporarily parked at a loading dock.  Please be as expeditious as possible to allow others to utilize loading docks for temporary use.

Parking on sidewalks, fire lanes or at loading docks is strictly prohibited without prior approval from the Parking Office.

All RIT Parking Rules and Regulations apply to contractors and vendors.  Citations will be assessed for violations.  Payment of citations is the responsibility of the permit holder.  Failure to timely pay or appeal a citation may result in notification to the contractor or vendor company, as well as RIT’s Procurement department.