All students must register their vehicle and purchase a parking permit annually at the start of the academic year through MyParking Portal.  Permits may not be shared - each student must have their own permit.   Students who will not be at RIT for the entire year can register for a single semester permit at 50% the annual cost. 

The types of permits available to you are determined by your current local address, as specified in SIS. Please make sure your current local address is updated, and the effective date is set for the first day of permit sales before attempting to purchase a parking permit.

The RIT parking office regularly enforces parking on campus. All drivers are expected to park in accordance with RIT parking policies and procedures. All citations issued to vehicles parked on campus in violation of RIT parking policies will be the responsibility of the person who registered the vehicle. For additional information please see Parking Rules and Regulations

Resident Students

Students who live in Residence Halls, University Commons, Perkins, Riverknoll, Global Village, or Charters Way must purchase the parking permit associated with their residence. Permits are tied to the student's apartment/residence hall and allow parking only in the parking areas designated for residents of that facility.  First year students living in Residence Halls with a parking permit may only use B or K lot.  Upperclassmen living in the Residence Halls with a parking permit may use C or K Lots.  No Residential students may park in L Lot between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.  Sharing of permits is not allowed.  Roommates may not share a permit.  Every student must have their own permit.

Parking in academic lots is not allowed for Residential Permit holders between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Residential students may park in in academic lots after 5 p.m.

Students living at the RIT Inn may purchase a General or Reserved parking permit.  Reserved permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  RIT Housing will reimburse residents of the RIT Inn up to the amount of a General parking permit.  RIT Inn residents may purchase a full year or semester parking permit.

Students living at 175 Jefferson are not eligible for campus parking permits.  Please see the shuttle schedules for transportation options or use ParkMobile with payment through the app if you wish to park on campus.

Guests at RIT Residential Apartments may use the specifically signed Visitor spaces at University Commons, Riverknoll, Global Village and Perkins Green.   Non-residents of the apartment complex are required to display a valid, daily Visitor pass from the Welcome Center while using these or any other spaces at the Residential Apartment lots prior to 5pm on weekdays.

Commuter Students

Students who commute to RIT may purchase general or reserved parking permits.  Students living in RIT-owned housing (other than the RIT Inn), Park Point, The Province and Apex are not eligible for these permits.  Proof of residence is required.

Permit Types

General Permits

  • General parking spaces are available in lots A, B, C, D*, F*, G, H, J*, K, L, N, S*, and T.
  • General permits are valid for any general parking space on campus.

Reserved Parking Permits

  • Allows parking in designated reserved spaces in a specific parking lot.  Reserved permits are available for D*, E, F*, J*, M, R, S*, and U lots, CIMS West, Grace Watson, Kate Gleason, and Sol Heumann circles.
  • Reserved spaces are restricted to reserved permit holders Monday-Friday, 5 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Reserved permit holders may also park in general parking spaces in any campus lot.
  • Reserved permits are available on a first come, first-served basis and can be ordered through MyParking Portal account.
  • Full-year and single-semester permits are available.

* D, F, J, L, and S lots contain both general and reserved parking.  Be sure to check signs for reserved rows and ensure you are parking in the area allowed by your permit.

Electric Vehicle Parking

Starting August 6, 2023 there will no longer be an Electric Vehicle (EV) permit option. The university will be switching over to a reduced rate ParkMobile pay as you go model. Anyone with an EV can pay to use the spaces if they need to charge. The rate will be $.50 an hour for the first four hours and then increases to $4/an hour if more time is needed. 

Community members are still required to purchase either a reserved or general parking permit and park according to the permit when not charging.

Park Point, The Province, The Apex and 175 Jefferson

Students residing in Park Point, The Province, The Apex and 175 Jefferson are not permitted to purchase RIT parking permits and may not park on campus from 5 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (unless using ParkMobile with payment through the app).  RIT shuttles provide regular service between these facilities and multiple stops on campus.

On-campus parking is permitted after 5 p.m. or at any time on weekends without a permit.  

Special Exemption Permit

In limited cases, students residing at Park Point, The Province,  The Apex or 175 Jefferson may be approved for a special exemption that allows for on-campus parking. Students must contact the RIT Service Center ( or 475-5000) to submit a request to the Parking Office for approval. A statement explaining why the campus shuttle is not viable, as well as supporting documentation such as class and work schedules and work verification from a supervisor, will be required.  Granting of a Special Exemption permit is not guaranteed.

Fall 2024-2025 Parking Rates

Student Permit Rates - Sales begin August 14th, 2024

Annual Permit - Fall Semester, Intersession, Spring Semester, Summer Term

Semester (Semi-Annual) Permit - two options available:

  • Fall Semester - valid for Fall Semester and Intersession
  • Spring Semester - valid for Spring Semester and Summer Term

Accepted payment methods for student permits are credit card or Bill to Student Account.  Purchases and payments are all done via the ParkingPortal (

Permit Type Annual Permit Semester Permit
General (Commuter) $140.00 $70.00
Resident Student $140.00 $70.00
Park Point/Province/Apex/175 Jefferson Special Exemption $140.00 $70.00
Co-Op Student $140.00 $70.00
Motorcycle Only $140.00 $70.00

Reserved Permit Rates (Commuter Students Only) - Sales begin August 12th, 2024

Permit Type Annual Permit Semester Permit
Reserved (Single Lot) $312.00 $156.00