Parking at RIT

All people who park on RIT’s campus must have a valid parking permit or authorization from RIT Parking & Transportation Services.  This site contains information about the parking rates and how they apply to you. For a complete explanation of parking rules, please visit the Where May I Park page.

Permit Prices

The following table displays the fees associated with each classification of parking at RIT. 


Definition of a Parking Year and Permits Available

  • Annual permit:
    Fall Semester, Intersession, Spring Semester, Summer Term.
  • Semester (semi-annual) Permit - Two options:
    Fall Semester - Valid for Fall Semester and Intersession (50% of annual fee)
    Spring Semester - Valid for Spring Semester and Summer Term (50% of annual fee)



All employees, including faculty, adjunct faculty, full time ftaff, part time staff, temporary employees, and temporary agency employees pay based on salary.





Salary Level 1: Less than $41,000
Salary Level 2: $41,000-$86,999
Salary Level 3: $87,000-$129,999
Salary Level 4: $130,000 and above
Motorcycle Only (included at no additional cost if a car is registered as well)
2-person Carpool Permit (also applies to reserve permits)
50% of regular fee
3+ person carpool permit
3-person – 33% of regular fee
4-person – 25% of regular fee


Other (Community Pass)

Alumni (RIT Employees not included)
Hale Andrews Student Life Center member
Osher Institute
Rivers Run
Construction Worker
Per contract, park as directed by RIT
Event Parking
Per event agreement


Reserved Parking Prices

Commuter students, faculty, and staff are eligible to purchase a reserved parking permit. Reserved parking permits are available on a first come, first-served basis online through your parking account. Reserved parking permits are only available on an annual basis. 


Reserved (Single Lot)
Multi Lot (E, F, J, L, S only) and electric vehicle charging stations
Frank E. Gannett Hall dock area
R Lot