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Giovanna Potesta

Assistant Professor
Golisano Institute for Sustainability

2015 Submissions

Full Length Book

Giovannini, Paolo and Giovanna Potesta'. San Donato a Novoli: da area industriale a centralita' urbana. 1 ed. Florence, Italy: Polistampa, 2004. Print. £

Published Conference Proceedings

Potesta, Giovanna. "Making Successful Urban Places: An A Posteriori Critique of the Area Ex- Fiat in Florence." Proceedings of the Future of Places, 06/28-07/01, Stockholm. Ed. Sustasis Foundation, Portland, OR. Portland, OR: Sustasis, Web. *

Potesta, Giovanna. "The Traditional Urban Fabric of Florence: a Comparison between different Conservation Philosophies." Proceedings of the Conference on Architectural Conservation. Ed. Municipality of Dubai. Dubai, EAU, Arabian Emirates: Municiplaity of Dubai, 2012. Print. *


Weber, Bruce. "Bruce Weber, Secret Love". By Adolfo Natalini and Giovanna Potesta'. Sep. 2006. Palazzo Spini Feroni Ferragamo, Florence. Exhibit.

John, Elton. "Elton John: Metamorphosis". By Adolfo Natalini and Giovanna Potesta'. Sep. 2006. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy. Exhibit.

Varous, . Progetti Area ex FIAT Novoli. By Camillo Bodini and Giovanna Potesta'. Apr. 2003. Urban Center, Foundling Hospital, Piazza SS Annunziata, Florence, Italy. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Potest√≠¬†, Giovanna. "I Viaggi del Signor N Architetto." Firenze Architettura. (2004). Print. ∆

External Scholarly Fellowships/National Review Committee

1/1/2000 - 5/30/2003
     University of Florence and Immobiliare Novoli SpA
     Amount: 60.000 ˜

2/15/2016 - 3/15/2016
     International Association of Traditional Environment, Berkeley, CA
     Amount: 0 «

11/11/2015 - 4/1/2016
     Rochester Chapter New Urbanism
     Amount: 0

1/23/2016 - 5/10/2016
     Rochester Community Design Center
     Amount: 0

1/20/2015 - 3/20/2015
     University of Florence, Italy
     Amount: 0

11/1/2014 - 11/1/2015
     Kuwait University
     Amount: 15.000 * ≠

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