Faculty Scholarship 2023

Department of English

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A.J. Caschetta

Principal Lecturer
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

2023 Submissions

Journal Paper

Caschetta, A.J. "State Department Failed to Fulfill a Key Duty in 2022." National Review. January 3 (2023): N/A. Web. £

Caschetta, A.J. "2022, Academia\'s Worst Year Yet?" The American Spectator. January 4 (2023): N/A. Web. £

Caschetta, A.J. "Another Reminder that White Supremacists Aren't the Only Threat to the Homeland." National Review. January 8 (2023): N/A. Web. £

Caschetta, A.J. "Who Will Celebrate World Hijab Day This Year?" The Investigative Project on Terrorism. January 24 (2023): N/A. Web. £

Caschetta, A.J. "Roger Waters, The Leni Riefenstahl of Rock and Roll." Jewish News Syndicate. February 7 (2023): N/A. Web. £

Caschetta, A.J. "How to Write a Jihadist's Biography, Or Not." Middle East Quarterly. Spring (2023): N/A. Web. ˜

Caschetta, A.J. "Evasive, Late and Confused State Department Report Finally Released." The Investigative Project on Terrorism. March 6 (2023): N/A. Web. £

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