Faculty Scholarship 2023

Physician Assistant

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John Oliphant

Associate Professor
Physician Assistant
College of Health Sciences and Technology

2023 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Oliphant, John. "Practical Steps Towards Exemplary Leadership." The Canisa Project Leadership Training Workshop. The canisa Project. Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo. 26 Aug. 2023. Keynote Speech.

Oliphant, John. "Global Public Health Education: Why Does Any of This Matter?" RIT and Education University of Hong Kong PhD Student Conference. RIT. Rochester, New York. 7 Jun. 2023. Conference Presentation.

Oliphant, John. "My PhD Dissertation Journey." Niagara University Research Symposium. Niagara University. Lewiston, New York. 28 Jan. 2023. Conference Presentation.

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