Alexander Loui

Alexander Loui

Professor of Practice
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Computer Engineering

2020 Submissions

Published Conference Proceedings

Soni, Ayush, et al. "High-quality Multispectral Image Generation Using Conditional GANs." Proceedings of the IS&T Electronic Imaging 2020, Special Session on Drone Imaging I. Ed. Andreas Savakis and Grigorios Tsagkatakis. Burlingame, CA, United States: n.p., 2020. Web. ˜

Full Patent

Ptucha, Raymond, et al. "Imaging workflow using facial and non-facial features." U.S. Patent 10,528,795. 7 Jan. 2020.

Loui, Alexander and Chi Zhang. "System and method for coarse-to-fine video object segmentation and re-composition." U.S. Patent 10,540,568. 21 Jan. 2020.

Manico, Joseph, et al. "System and method for predictive curation, production infrastructure, and personal content assistant." U.S. Patent 10,546,229. 28 Jan. 2020.

Loui, Alexander and Joseph Manico. "System and method for creating navigable views." U.S. Patent 10,558,884. 11 Feb. 2020.

Loui, Alexander, et al. "Iterative method for salient foreground detection and multi-object segmentation." U.S. Patent 10,706,549. 7 Jul. 2020.

Zhang, Chi, et al. "System and method for batch-normalized recurrent highway networks." U.S. Patent 10,872,273. 22 Dec. 2020.

2019 Submissions

Full Patent

Loui, Alexander and Lei Fan. "Graph-based Framework for Video Object Segmentation and Extraction in Feature Space." U.S. Patent 10,192,117. 29 Jan. 2019.

Loui, Alexander and Chi Zhang. "System and Method for Coarse-to-fine Video Object Segmentation and Re-composition." U.S. Patent 10,229,340. 12 Mar. 2019.