Chulmin Kim

Chulmin Kim

Assistant Professor
College of Science
School of Mathematical Sciences

2011 Submissions

Journal Paper

Kim, Chulmin and Louise Sundararajan. "Language, Emotion, and Health: A Semiotic Perspective on the Writing Cure." American Sociologist 42. 2-3 (2011): 220-231. Print. « £

2010 Submissions

Formal Presentation

Kim, Chulmin. “A brief statistical analysis of speed change in long-distance race.” Spring Seaway Sectional Meeting, Mathematical Association of America. Oswego, NY. 24 Apr. 2010. Presentation.

Kim, Chulmin. “A salary model on baseball batters’ performance using K, a modification of OPS.” Fall 2010 Seaway Sectional Meeting, Mathematical Association of America. Plattsburgh, NY. 16 Oct. 2010. Presentation.

Published Article

Kim, Chulmin. “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Unconstrained Parameterization for the Covariance Structure of Multivariate Longitudinal Data.” Proceedings of JSM Biometrics Section: American Statistical Association, 2010. 2994-3008. Print.

Published Book

Kim, Chulmin. Semiotics: Theory and Applications. NY: Nova Publishers, 2010. Print.