Jennifer Rodrigues

Jennifer Rodrigues

Assistant Professor
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
American Sign Language and Interpreting Education

2023 Submissions

Peer Reviewed/Juried Poster Presentation or Conference Paper

Rodrigues, Jeni. "The Letter or the Spirit of the Law: An Institutional Ethnography of Deaf Patient Access in US Hospitals." Proceedings of the RID National Conference. Ed. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Baltimore, Maryland: n.p.. *

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Rodrigues, Jeni, Keven Poore, and Corina Gutiérrez. "Relay interpreting: Incorporating the certified Deaf interpreter dimension." Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters Community Conversations Series. Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters. Rochester, New York. 15 Nov. 2022. Guest Lecture.

Uninvited Presentations

Rodrigues, Jeni. "Unpacking “Effective” Communication in Healthcare: When Compliance Isn’t Enough." RID National Conference. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Baltimore, MD. 26 Jul. 2023. Conference Presentation. *

Rodrigues, Jeni. "Deaf patient access to “effective” communication in Healthcare: Is compliance enough?" North Carolina RID Conference. North Carolina Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Charlotte, North Carolina. 16 Jun. 2023. Conference Presentation. *

2022 Submissions

Book Chapter

Bonni, Betti and Rachel E. Herring, Jeni Rodrigues, Laurie Swabey. "A Place at the Table? Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Signed Language Interpreter Education in the United States." Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy: Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers. Ed. Laurie Swabey and Rachel E. Herring. Washington, DC: Gallaudet University Press, 2022. 439-451. Print. ∆


Rodrigues, Jeni. The Letter or the Spirit of the Law? An Institutional Ethnography of Effective Communication Access in U.S. Hospitals. Diss. Gallaudet University, 2022. : ProQuest, 2022. Print.

Uninvited Presentations

Rodrigues, Jeni. "Understanding Effective Communication in Healthcare: Institutional vs. Interpreter Responsibilities for Providing Access." Conference of Interpreter Trainers. CIT. Philadelphia, PA. 20 Sep. 2022. Conference Presentation.

Rodrigues, Jeni. "The Letter or the Spirit of the Law? Barriers to Effective Communication Access in U.S. Hospitals." AMPHL 2022 Conference. Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss. Las Vegas, Nevada. 19 Aug. 2022. Conference Presentation.