Nana-Yaw Andoh

Nana-Yaw Andoh

Assistant Professor
Golisano Institute for Sustainability

2019 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Andoh, Nana-Yaw, et al. "Role of Design Charettes and Community Engagement." 2019 American Planning Association New York State Chapter Conference. American Planning Association. Rochester, NY. 3 Oct. 2019. Conference Presentation.

Andoh, Nana-Yaw, Andrew Fetterer, and Chad Frederick. "Tools and Technologies for Teaching New Urbanism." CNU 27 - Louisville. CNU. Louisville, KY. 14 Jun. 2019. Conference Presentation.

2016 Submissions


Andoh, Nana-Yaw. Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries. 12 Oct. 2016. Community Design Center of Rochester, Rochester. Exhibit.

Invited Article/Publication

Andoh, Nana-Yaw. "Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Accra, Ghana - Central Business District." United Nations Institute for Training and Research. (2016). Web. «

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Andoh, Nana-Yaw. "New Urbanism: A Model for Sustainable Urban Design and Social Equity." MU-RIT Exchange Program. Malmo University, Sweden. Malmo, SW. 9 Sep. 2016. Guest Lecture.

Andoh, Nana-Yaw. "Historic and Architectural Significance of the Renaissance in Florence and Rome." SUNY Delhi Study Abroad Program. SUNY Delhi. Florence, Rome, IT. 5 Jan. 2016. Guest Lecture.