Rebecca Charry

Rebecca Charry

International Campuses
RIT Croatia
Department of English

2016 Submissions

Invited Keynote/Presentation

Roje, Rebecca Charry. "Creating a Brave New English." TEDx Dubrovnik: Living Tomorrow. TEDx Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik, Croatia, NJ. 28 Oct. 2016. Lecture.

2013 Submissions

Full Length Book

Roje, Rebecca Charry, et al. TUNE UP 3. Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia: Profil, 2013. Print.

Roje, Rebecca Charry, Irena Pavlovic, and Ivana Sprianec. TUNE UP 4. Zagreb, Croatia: Profile, 2013. Print.

2012 Submissions

Journal Paper

Roje, Rebecca Charry. "No More Grammar Lessons: What I Learned About Language Acquisition "On My Own Skin"." RIThink 1. (2012): 28-33. Web. ˜

Roje, Rebecca Charry. "Jesenske Haiku Pjesme - Haikus for Autumn in Dalmatia." RIThink 1. (2012): 25-27. Web. ˜