RIT Taskstream Access

To directly access RIT's AMS, please click the icon, or use the procedure listed below to sign in to Taskstream by Watermark™.

AMS Sign In 

  1. Click Taskstream by Watermark™
  2. Programs/Departments you have access to are listed on the Taskstream Welcome page
  • Click Program Assessment Plan or Administrative Unit to view the workspace
  • Click on folders (left column) in the workspace to view information
  • Click on the RIT logo (top left corner of the screen) to return to the Welcome page
  • Save your work and Log out at the end of your session by clicking   
  • Close the browser


Acceptable Browsers

Windows: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 
Mac: Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari, Google Chrome 
iPad/iOS: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 
Android: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

For AMS Support and Training, contact

Grace Rubin, AMS Coordinator