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The Partnership for Effective Access Technology R&D at RIT.

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The mission of AccessAbility @ RIT is pursuing research and development that enhances accessibility and empowering individuals with varying abilities.

We partnered with researchers, developers, designers, service providers, industry and, most importantly, the individuals themselves.

Students participated in experiential learning opportunities with community healthcare and service providers and developed projects that provide greater and better access for individuals and benefit their caregivers and related service providers.

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For Students

If you are an enthusiastic student, contact us and see if there are opportunities for enrolling in relevant credit bearing courses or if there are Co-op opportunities on or off-campus!


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For Faculty

If you are an interested faculty, come and join us in creating, expanding and promoting the collaboration between disciplines, departments and across campus.


Students taking notes at an IdeaLab discussion with a man in wheelchair
For Community Partners

Whether you’re from a volunteer, government, healthcare or other related organization or just a concerned individual, join us in developing solutions for those in need!


What we have created and what we are doing

Man sitting on toilet with motion sensor paper dispenser.

Automatic Toilet Paper Dispenser

EZTP is an automatic toilet paper dispenser that dispenses and cuts a controllable amount of paper per use; designed for Healthcare institutions for people with mobility limitations.


Close up photo of wrist with watch (time 3:29) grabbing on to the wheel of a wheelchair

Motivate to Move

Our project is to create an activity tracker for wheelchair users whose primary activity is weight shifts.  Using sensors and monitoring lights, positive feedback and reminders will be available to users and physical therapists.


Graphic of Man with walking stick

Sense What’s Up

ROAM is a simple universal attachment for a white support cane, containing a sensor that will detect overhead obstacles and alert the user with haptic feedback.


Three people climbing a rock wall.
Focused Grip

Rock Climbing Holds for Individuals with Attention and Focus Challenges

Rock climbing is a therapeutic activity for individuals with attention and focuses challenges associated with autism. Focused Grip instrumented rock climbing holds provide a system that allows configuration of a climbing pattern that provides both sensory guidance cues as well as an assessment of the progress of the climbing activity.


Final product design for LEV: Lifting Ergonomic Vest

A Lift with Dignity

LEV is a lifting vest that can be used in conjunction with Hoyer lifts, ceiling lifts and other lifting systems to maximize user independence, mobility and comfort while providing a more dignified experience for users.


Close up Photo of 3D printer printing a prosthetic piece
3D-Printed Prostheses

Prosthetic Designs

Students and faculty within the ATP lab contribute to the designs of various upper limb prosthetic devices.



  • August 8, 2022

    Two RIT students showcasing their innovative design

    RIT students use innovative design through Studio 930 to enhance lives

    Students in this summer’s Studio930 design consultancy focused on the development of assistive healthcare solutions by leveraging the use of technology, art, and design. More >

  • December 18, 2020

    Design cause

    Design For A Cause 2021 - Design Challenge

    Arduino is challenging Community members to design the most creative, and altruistic solution for times of duress and global disasters.  More Information>

  • October 29, 2020

    WalkAbout 2020

    2020 Al Sigl Community WalkAbout Car Parade

    Supporting our partner Al Sigl Community at their first-ever WalkAbout Car Parade.

  • October 19, 2020

    Wechat QR code

    Access Tech WeChat Official Account

    As a responsible partnership, Effective Access Technnology R&D at RIT is devoted to empowering a more accessible and inclusive world. We just launched our WeChat official account to achieve this goal even further. Follow us by scanning the QR code!