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For Students

If you are an enthusiastic student, contact us and see if there are opportunities for enrolling in relevant credit bearing courses or check to see if there are Co-op opportunities on or off-campus! We are looking for students from multiple disciplines who want to make a difference. You will experience the opportunity to solve real-world problems and help people with varying abilities in our community.


For Faculty

If you are an interested faculty, come and join us in creating, expanding and promoting the collaboration between disciplines, departments and across campus. Involvement is available at a variety of different levels: from encouraging students to take part in our programs, to joining us in mentoring teams or bringing in promising projects.  Are all welcome!


For Community Partners

If you are an expert in caring for people with varying abilities, whether from a volunteer, government, healthcare or other related organization or just a concerned individual, please contact us and join us in developing solutions for those in need.  We would love to hear your professional opinions, provide the opportunity to collaborate with RIT students and faculties, and most importantly, work together to develop solutions to the problems you have!


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Daniel Phillips

Associate Professor, Director of Access Technologies


Phone: 585-475-2309

Office: SLA/2375