LiveAbility Lab

LiveAbility Lab with students and faculty talking

A community-based and interdisciplinary lab to develop and test deployable technology solutions.

The LiveAbility Lab is an interdisciplinary and community-based lab to develop and test deployable technology solutions that support the Effective Access Technology Initiative at RIT.

Built with measurement and observation infrastructure, the lab acts as an easily identifiable and accessible location for the overall effort and serves as a common resource that can augment research and development efforts. By recreating the environment that individuals need to access in their daily lives, a measurable assessment of the effectiveness of the technology solutions can be accomplished.

With a focus on AccessAbility, the LiveAbility Lab is a facility that truly represents the Partnership that is inherent in Effective Access Technology R&D.

The LiveAbility Lab is, by design, a dynamic environment that is always open to new and innovative ideas. If you want to know more about the lab or get involved, pleaseĀ contact us.