A multidisciplinary studio aiming to tackle emerging issues in the fieldĀ of assistive and health technology. (Summer Semester: June - August)

Showcasing the synergies of creative minds motivated by the will to shape a better world, Studio930 presentsĀ elegant design solutions to the emerging issues in the field of assistive and health technology. Students from design, engineering and business, guided by a team of highly experienced mentors, collaborate with the user and the community alike to make a positive impact. The diversity of the problems undertaken and the solutions created display human-centered design at our core which goes beyond merely enabling the users to take on the challenges but empowering them.

RIT collaborating departments

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Industrial Design Department of CIAS

Saunders College of Business

Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Summer 2022 Projects - Click here for a slide deck showcasing the innovative projects of the Summer 2022 interdisciplinary cohort!