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Using the AMG Database

The content of Arts et Métiers Graphiques may be accessed via the AMG Database by using one of five different search criteria.

To search by Author, enter the last name of the author in the query field and then click the "Submit" button. You may also search by entering a series of consecutive letters in the author's name, instead of searching by the name's first letter only. For example, to search for "Lydis" you may search using "lyd" or "dis." (This inclusive method of searching applies throughout the entire database.) The resulting query will generate an author name list in alphabetical order. Click then on the name you are researching to view the corresponding references in Arts et Métiers Graphiques. Companies or corporate authors are also represented as authors in this database.

To search by Keyword, enter the keyword that best describes the subject of the article you wish to view. Keywords can be names of people (used as article subjects), art processes, the names of centuries, and geographical places. The majority of the keywords specified in this database are terms defined in The Getty Vocabulary Program's Art & Architecture Thesaurus®.

The Title search queries all of the French title records and the titles' English translation records in the AMG database. One may search by entering either words in French or English.

Plate Process refers to the printing processes used to create the color plates included in all issues of Arts et Métiers Graphiques. To search by Plate Process, click on the process term and then select its corresponding magazine record. To search by Issue click on the cover image of the issue you wish to browse. A listing of the entire article content for that issue will appear.

To browse AMG by Issue, click on a particular cover image on the issue query page. This will create a listing of that issue's articles.

Once you are browsing a particular article entry in the database, you may also follow the nested links in the entry to view more records on particular authors, keywords, plate processes, and issues. Use the search criteria buttons at top to navigate back to the main screen for each search.