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Abbott , Berenice American
Abraham , Pierre
Abrial , Claire
Aïtoff , David
Albin-Guillot , Laure French
Alby , Jean
Alexeïeff , Alexandre Russian
Allgayer German?
Altman , Nathan Russian
André , J.-C.
André , Rogi Hungarian
Annenkov , Georges
Antoine , A.-V.-F.
Apa Spanish
Arkel , G
Armington , M. B.
Arnfeld , Julius German
Arnna , Jacques French
Arthaud , Marcel
Atget , Eugène French
Aubry , C.-J.
Audin , Marius French
Audisio , Gabriel
Augsbourg , Géa French
Avermaete , Roger Belgian
Babelon , André
Balogh , Rudolf Hungarian
Barbier , Georges French
Barenton , Oscar-Louis French
Bargilliat , Alain French
Baron , Jacques
Barr , W.-E.
Barraud , Maurice Swiss
Barré , R.
Barrère , Pierre-Henry
Barret , Maurice
Baudelaire , Charles French
Baudry , Jean
Bayer , Herbert American
Beaton , Cecil English
Beauclair , Germain French
Beaujon , Paul
Bédier , Joseph French
Beltrand , G.
Ben-Sussan , René French
Bennekom , Lood van Dutch
Bérard , Christian
Bernard , Francis French
Bernis , André
Berry , André
Bertieri , Raffaello Italian
Betz , Maurice
Beucler , André
Biermann , Aenne German
Bille , Edmon Swiss