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Issue 24

French Issue Title
Arts et Métiers Graphiques Paris
Issue No.
Call No.
Z119.A795 no.24
Date Published
Issue 24
p. 283 Propos
[Subjects or matters]
8 page(s)
Notes: An essay written in the style of automatic writing with history questions posed throughout. No paragraph breaks in the text. Composed by Linotype.

p. 291 L'Art de Livre Illustré au XVIII-ième Siècle
The Art of the Illustrated book in the Eighteenth Century
ill. 18 page(s)
Notes: Extensively compares book layouts and illustration for this period. Comments on typography and provides many reproductions.

p. 309 Une Exposition Loupot Cassandre
A Loupot-Cassandre Exhibition
ill. 7 page(s)
Notes: Full-page reproductions from an exhibition at the Galerie Pleyel.

p. 312b Affiche de Loupot "Valentine"
Loupot's Poster "Valentine" [paints]
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Une Exposition Loupot Cassandre," AMG 24, p. 309.

p. 314b Affiche de Cassandre "Thomson"
Cassandre's Poster "Thomson" [electric company]
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Une Exposition Loupot Cassandre," AMG 24, p. 309.

p. 316 Sur Quelques Formes d'Écritures Anciennes: Écritures de l'Inde et de l'Extrême-Orient
On Several Forms of Early Writing: Writing of India and the Extreme Orient
ill. 9 page(s)
Notes: Writes extensively on branches of Asian character sets and gives examples.

p. 325 Picart Le Doux
Picart Le Doux
ill. 7 page(s)

p. 328b Aquarelle de Picart Le Doux
Watercolor by Picart Le Doux
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Picart Le Doux," AMG 24, p. 325.

p. 332 L'Actualité Graphique
The Graphics News
ill. 12 page(s)

p. 334b Reproduction d'une affiche de Carlu pour la "Folle du Logis"
Reproduction of a Carlu poster from "Imagination"
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "L'Actualité Graphique," AMG 24, p. 332.

p. 344 Photothèque
1 page(s)
Notes: Bibliophiles are now becoming interested in photo-illustrated books, along with the engraving-illustrated ones.

p. 344 Examen des Divers Papiers sur Lesquels est Imprimé ce XXIV-ième Numéro de la Revue "Arts et Métiers Graphiques"
Examination of the Diverse Papers upon which this Twentyfourth Issue of "Arts et Métiers Graphiques" Is Printed
1 page(s)

p. 344 Salon International du Livre D'Art
International Salon of Art Books
1 page(s)
Notes: Announcement about the upcoming issue on Art Books.

p. 66R Capiello-De Valerio-L. Boucher-Don ne dessinent que pour Devambez
Capiello-De Valerio-L. Boucher-Don draw only for Devambez
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 69R Renault
Renault [Reinstella and Nervastella models]
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 70R Papeteries Navarre
Papeteries Navarre
1 page(s)

p. 71R Nous sommes à votre disposition
We are at your service
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 72R G. De Malherbe et Cie.
G. De Malherbe et Cie.
1 page(s)

p. 72R Papiers Canson
Canson Papers
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 72R Les Mystères du Seizième Siècle
The Mysteries of the Sixteenth Century
1 page(s)
Notes: Continuation of article to follow in AMG 26.

p. 73R Encres d'Imprimerie, Pates à Rouleaux, Ch. Lorilleux et Cie.
Encres D'Imprimerie, Roller Pastes, Ch. Lorilleux & Co.
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 73R Imprimerie de Vaugirard Est l'Imprimerie Typographique Chargée de L'Exécution de la Revue Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Vaugirard Printery Is the Typographic Press in Charge of the Execution of the Magazine Arts et Métiers Graphiques
1 page(s)

p. 74R Table des Matières de la 4-ième Année
Table of Contents of the Fourth Year
1 page(s)

Issue 24