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Issue 63

French Issue Title
Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Issue No.
Call No.
Z119.A795 no.63
Date Published
Cover 63
p. 1 Voyages en France
Trips in France
ill. 1 page(s)
Notes: Société National des Chemins der Fer Français

p. 16b Planche extraite de l'ouvrage "Les Vitraux de Chartres"
Plate from "The Chartres Windows"
1 page(s)

p. 17 La Coutume Indienne de l'Alpona
The Indian Custom of the "Alpona"
ill. 5 page(s)
Notes: Highlights the Indian custom of "Alpona," where intricate mandalla-like designs are traced on the floor or ground with rice.

p. 2 Les Éditions Arts et Métiers Graphiques publient "Londres de Nuit"
Arts et Métiers Graphiques publishes "London at Night"
1 page(s)
Notes: Photos by Bill Brandt.

p. 2 Cigarettes Anic, extra-douces
Anic Cigarettes, extra-milds
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 22 Balthazard Arnoullet, Imprimeur Lyonnais du XVIe Siècle
Balthazard Arnoullet, Lyonnaise Printer of the 16th Century
ill. 5 page(s)
Notes: Chronicles Arnoullet's work; includes reproductions of various title pages.

p. 26b Alphabets, italien du XVIe siècle et français du XIXe siècle
Alphabets: Italian from the 16th century and France from the 19th century
1 page(s)

p. 27 Potiers et Imagiers de France
Potters and Illustrators of France
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Review of an exhibition that linked popular imagery with earthenware. Includes reproductions of pots in the form of human figures.

p. 32b Les Lettres O, P
The Letters O and P
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Les Lettres O, P," AMG 63, p. 33.

p. 33 Les Lettres O, P
The Letters O and P
ill. 4 page(s)
Notes: A history of the development of the forms of "o" and "p." Follows article series in AMG 61.

p. 36b Portrait de Jean Cocteau
Portrait of Jean Cocteau
1 page(s)
Notes: Photo appeared in AMG's "Photographie 1939."

p. 37 Une Imagerie Nord-Africaine: Les Peintures Murales dans les Cafés Maures
North African Imagey: Mural Paintings in Moorish Cafes
ill. 5 page(s)

p. 42 Joseph Ishill: L'Oriole Press
Joseph Ishill: Oriole Press
ill. 2 page(s)

p. 44 Hans Fischer
Hans Fischer
ill. 5 page(s)
Notes: A Fischer portfolio of exhibition design and caricatures

p. 48b Photo extraite de "Londres de Nuit"
Photo from "London at Night" [man applying theater make-up]
1 page(s)

p. 49 L'Actualité Graphique
The Graphics News
ill. 8 page(s)
Notes: Reproduces photos of innovative exhibition design, as well as print ads.

p. 5 Lettre à sa mère (poème traduit du russe par A. Robin)
Lettre to his mother (poem translated from Russian by A. Robin)
4 page(s)

p. 57 À Propos de la Reliure d'Édition
Concerning Bookbinding
2 page(s)
Notes: About mechanization of bookbinding.

p. 57 Jules Breton et Cie. Evette Germain et Cie. Successeurs
Jules Breton and Co. Evette Germain and Co. Successors
1 page(s)

p. 57 Société des Amis de la Bibliothèque Nationale et des Grandes Bibliothèques de France
Society of Friends of the National Libray and Libraries of France
1 page(s)
Notes: Call for interest in this group.

p. 57 Les Arts de l'Iran, l'Ancienne Perse, et Bagdad à la Bibliothèque Nationale
The Arts of Iran, Old Persia, and Bagdad at the National Library
1 page(s)

p. 58 Bibliographie
2 page(s)
Notes: Account of new book releases.

p. 59 Ch. Lorilleux et Cie., Encres d'Imprimerie, Pates à Rouleaux
Ch. Lorilleux & Co., Printing Inks, Roller Pastes
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 59 Exposition Kowalski au Chercheur d'Images
Kowalski Exhibition at Image Finder Gallery
1 page(s)

p. 60 L'Imprimerie de Vaugirard Est l'Imprimerie Typographique d'Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Vaugirard Printery Is the Typographic Press of Arts et Métiers Graphiques
1 page(s)

p. 60 Exposition Remy Duval, Galerie Avenue Montaigne
Remy Duval Exhibition, Montaigne Avenue Gallery
1 page(s)

p. 60 Les Arts Graphiques Sonores
The Graphic Arts of Sound
1 page(s)

p. 9 Un Peintre Magique: Francesco del Cossa
A Magic Painter: Francesco del Cossa
ill. 8 page(s)

Issue 63