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Issue 64

French Issue Title
Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Issue No.
Call No.
Z119.A795 no.64
Date Published
Issue 64
p. 1 Voyages en France
Trips in France
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 13 La publicité des huiles Shell-Mex en Angleterre
Advertising of Shell-Mex oil in England
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Includes tip-ins of color reproductions of ads. Many examples designed by Kauffer

p. 16b "It's a great success, the new Shell lubricating oil."
"It's a great success, the new Shell lubricating oil."
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "La publicité des huiles Shell-Mex en Angleterre," AMG 64, p. 13. Fold out example of Shell's ad campaign.

p. 18b Deux alphabets italiens des XVIe et XVIIe siècles.
Two Italian alphabets from the 16th and 17th centuries
1 page(s)

p. 19 Les Albums de Marly
The Marly Albums
ill. 7 page(s)
Notes: Article on albums in the French national archives that have architectural schemes and plans of the buildings and gardens of the royal estate of Marly. Marcel Bovis photographed the albums for this article.

p. 2 Photogravure et Offset
Photogravure and Offset
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 24b Un plan du parc de Marly (XVIIIe)
A map of the Marly parc (18th century)
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Les Albums de Marly," AMG 64, p. 19.

p. 26 L'Humour Sacré d'Extrème Orient
Sacred Humor from the Far East
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 27 De l'Arbre à Livre
From Tree to Book
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Photo-essay on the process of paper manufacturing. Photos by Brodsky.

p. 32b Photographie solarisée de Marcel Bovis
Solarized photograph by Marcel Bovis.
1 page(s)

p. 33 Dessins d'Enfants Déficients
Drawings by Mentally-Deficient Children
ill. 5 page(s)

p. 36b Peinture d'Enfant Déficient
Painting by a Mentally-handicapped Child
1 page(s)

p. 38 Délire Typographique
Typographical Delirium
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 39 Mes Portraits
My Portraits
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Vollard comments on portraits of himself executed by famed artists.

p. 40 Ambroise Vollard
Ambroise Vollard
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "Mes Portraits," AMG 64, p. 39.

p. 45 Les Livres d'Ambroise Vollard
Ambroise Vollard's Books
ill. 12 page(s)
Notes: Includes many reproductions of Vollard's publications that were illustrated by famous artists. A short bibliography of his oeuvre in also printed.

p. 5 Sonnet. "Petite Danseuse" (Dessins de Degas, Collection Ambroise Vollard)
Sonnet. "Little Dancer" (Degas Drawings, Ambroise Vollard's Collection)
ill. 4 page(s)
Notes: Sonnet by Degas; typography by Chardon.

p. 56b Invitation à une exposition des oeuvres Lewitt-Him
Invitation to an exhibition of the Lewitt-Him works
1 page(s)

p. 57 L'Actualité Graphique
The Graphics News
ill. 6 page(s)
Notes: Reproduces ads, as well as mock-ups for set design and animation still photos

p. 58b Dessin de Géa Augsbourg, extraite de "Notre Terre et Ses Gens"
Drawing by Géa Augsbourg, from "Our World and Its People"
1 page(s)
Notes: Illustrates "L'Actualité Graphique," AMG 64, p. 57.

p. 63 Les Tablettes de l'Ile de Pâques
The Easter Island Tablets
ill. 4 page(s)

p. 65 L'Image de la Femme dans la Publicité
Women's Image in Advertising
1 page(s)
Notes: Author skirts the trends in the depiction of women in advertising through the first few decades of the 20th century.

p. 66 Dans le Revues Étrangères
In Foreign Magazines
1 page(s)
Notes: Brief synopses of content in graphic design and printing magazines of the time.

p. 66 [editorial letter from Jacques Mesnil]
[editorial letter from Jacques Mesnil]
ill. 2 page(s)
Notes: Letter congratulates AMG on the article on del Cossa in the previous issue.

p. 67 Une Nouvelle Machine à Composer Photographique
A New Photocomposition Machine
1 page(s)
Notes: Talks of new developments in the "Typar," "Photoline," and "Flicaleter" machines.

p. 67 Bibliographie
2 page(s)
Notes: Announcement of new book releases.

p. 68 Ch. Lorilleux et Cie., Encres d'Imprimerie, Pates à Rouleaux
Ch. Lorilleux & Co., Printing Inks, Roller Pastes
ill. 1 page(s)

p. 69 Photographie 39
Photography 39
1 page(s)
Notes: Ad set in Peignot typeface.

p. 69 Jules Breton et Cie. Evette Germain et Cie. Successeurs
Jules Breton and Co. Evette Germain and Co. Successors
1 page(s)

p. 69 L'Art de l'Étoffe
The Art of
2 page(s)
Notes: Review of an exhibition that displayed a new kind of fabric.

p. 69 L'Exposition de Louis Freon à la Galerie Paul Magné
Louis Freon Exhibition at the Paul Magné Gallery
1 page(s)

p. 70 L'Imprimerie de Vaugirard Est l'Imprimerie Typographique d'Arts et Métiers Graphiques
Vaugirard Printery Is the Typographic Press of Arts et Métiers Graphiques
1 page(s)

p. 9 Photographie et Gravure
Photography and Engraving
ill. 4 page(s)
Notes: Article on the 19th c. process of engraving portraits from cartes-de-visite.

Issue 64