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The Borkholder Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory tackles emerging and long-standing multidisciplinary challenges at the intersection of biological systems and micro/ nanotechnology. Research ranges from fundamental science to applied technology; bridging materials science, MEMS, nanomaterials, physiological modeling,    animal and human studies, signal processing, imaging, sensors, and embedded systems.     The research programs constantly evolve in scope and focus, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

The Lab engages undergraduates, MS, and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral researchers from electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and microsystems engineering. Strong academic and industrial collaborations provide invaluable expertise that enhances the cross-disciplinary research of this lab.


Drug Delivery Illustration
Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics

Advanced biomedical disease treatment therapies that restore function and reduce symptoms require carefully timed and dosed, site-directed delivery of drugs, gene vectors and/or chemical compounds over a period of time. 

Cardiac Illustration
Cardiac Physiology, Modeling and Monitoring

Cardiovascular disease impacts nearly 30% of those over age 65 and is the leading cause of death in the United States. Each year there are over 710,000 heart attacks with nearly 74% a first heart attack.

Sensor Illustration
Sensors and Devices

Sensors, transducers, and full microsystems provide solutions to a broad range of challenges from biomedical research to healthcare, our military and the internet of things.

Our People

 Headshot of David Borkholder

David Borkholder, PhD

Bausch + Lomb Professor, Microsystems Engineering

 Headshot of Alexander Liberson

Alexander Liberson

Research Scientist

 Headshot of Krittika Goyal

Krittika Goyal

PhD Student

 Headshot of Meng-Chun Hsu

Meng-Chun Hsu

PhD Candidate

Dr. Borkholder's Biomedical Microsystem Lab 4th floor of KGCOE (wetlab)

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