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  • About CASTLE Collage
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    The CASTLE Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning & Evaluation is a network of faculty, projects and programs engaged in scholarship surrounding STEM education.

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  • CASTLE Programs Overview Collage
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    CASTLE spearheads effective programs for students interested in STEM teaching or science and math careers.

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  • CASTLE Research Overview Collage
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    The Center attracts and connects on-going discipline-based education research, workshops, professional development and cohort-building activities.


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  • CASTLE Scholarship of Pedagog Collage
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    Support for faculty engaging in scholarship of teaching practice is available through CASTLE’s curriculum development aids, available grant opportunities and listing of conferences.


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Feb 24
Feb 24

SMERC Speaker Liz Barnes, Tennessee Middle University

Feb 24 1:25 pm to 2:15 pm