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Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (CASTLE)

The Graduate Admission and Retention Research Project focuses on holistic practices to increase diversity and retention in physics graduate programs. It is led by Casey Miller, Scott Franklin, Ben Zwickl, and Lindsay Owens. The team studies current admission and retention practices of graduate physics programs across the United States, and offer targeted interventions and tools that aid programs in using more holistic measures. The goal of this project is to increase access to, and retention of, women and underrepresented minorities in graduate physics programs.

Areas of Focus

Workshops: Educating physics programs about current admissions practices, current retention data, and communicates best practices to the physics community to move these processes towards more holistic measures

Non-Cognitive Assessment: Working towards the development of a tool that assesses a variety of non-cognitive elements that have been shown to be beneficial for success in STEM fields

Faculty Views on Current Practices: Working towards understanding how open faculty are to the idea of changing away from traditional practices towards more holistic practices by both interviewing faculty at partner programs and using an online survey to reach faculty at a variety of institutions

Faculty and Student Alignment: Exploring the alignment of faculty and student views regarding admissin, and students' needs which impact retention


RIT wins NSF grant to transform physics graduate admissions and retention:
Casey Miller champions accessible, inclusive and supportive practices (1/17/2017)


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