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Center for Advancing STEM Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (CASTLE)

Fall 2017 (2171) Course List

Fall Courses: Get Meta! Metacognitive Approaches to Scientific Inquiry fulfuills the ethical perspective requirement. You learn metacognitive techniques that tie together your first year STEM classes and explore scientific controversies.

COS-ITDS-150: Metacognitive Approaches to Scientific Inquiry
Tues / Thur 11:00 am - 12:15 pm (15604) or Tues / Thur 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm (15605)

This course introduces students to metacognition, reflective practice and self-assessment. Through case studies, students use metacognitive techniques to explore scientific investigation from a combination of scientific ethical and societal standpoints. Examples will be drawn from student interest, and may include topics such as: bringing back extinct species, genetically modified organisms, hydrofracking, invasive species, space exploration or forensic science. Metacognitive issues such as learning theory, sterotype threat and self-assessment will be explored for their role in the acquisition of scientific knowledge.

UWRT-150: Writing Seminar TBD
A special section of the required writing seminar designed to explore writing in STEM, with a particular emphasis on using metacognitive techniques to improve writing.  This course provides practical experience in writing that will provide the foundation for future courses.