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Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative (SMERC) includes many researchers with an interest in STEM education, who are involved in numerous collaborative, grant-funded projects.

Photonics and Optics Workforce Education Research (POWER)
Photonics and Optics Workforce Education Research (POWER) unites higher education, discipline-based education research, and workforce development in order to investigate core aspects of typical undergraduate STEM programs. Read More
Principal Investigator: Ben Zwickl, Kelly Martin
Postdoctoral Researchers: Anne Leak, Sue Rothwell

Molecular Biology Education Research Group (MBER)
The Molecular Biology Education Research (MBER) Group is a collaborative research lab co-led by Dr. Dina Newman and Dr. Kate Wright, faculty in the Gosnell School of Life Sciences at RIT. The team studies how students think about molecular biology concepts and develops tools for improving biology education. Read More
Principal Investigators: Dina Newman, Kate Wright

Graduate Admission and Retention Research 
The Graduate Admission and Retention Research is a study of Holistic practices to increase diversity and retention in Physics Graduate Programs. Read More
Principal Investigators: Casey Miller, Scott Franklin, Ben Zwickl

Franklin Physics Education Research Lab
Dr. Scott Franklin supervises a variety of physics education research projects. Past and current projects include characterizing how physicists embed conceptual meaning in mathematical formalism, visualizing the different routes students take to graduation (academic field switching), studying the interaction of student identities with the physics culture, and developing and characterizing effective mechanisms for bringing about faculty and institutional transformation. Read More
Principal Researcher: Scott Franklin

Inclusive Excellence Research
Under the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative, research is being conducted on the motivation of faculty to participate in inclusion efforts, the incorporation of inclusive practices both in the classroom and in the lab, and on faculty’s perceptions and actual implementation of inclusive practices in the classroom. Read More
Principal Investigators: Dina Newman, Scott Franklin
Postdoctoral Researchers: Rita Margarida Magalhães, Britt Wyatt

Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN)
This network is a partnership of more than 30 societies, institutions, organizations, corporations and national laboratories poised to lead a paradigm shift in increasing the participation of underrepresented racial and ethnic minority (UREM) students who enter graduate or doctorate level programs in the physical sciences. Its charge is to match the advanced degree participation rates to those of undergraduate student percentages and eliminate this disparity while increasing diversity in the reserve of future scientists. Read More
Principal Invetigators: Casey Miller (Rochester Institute of Technology), Julie Posselt (University of Southern California) 

Reformed Experimental Activities (REActivities)
Dr. Tina Goudreau Collison leads a collaborative effort focused on a reformed chemistry curriculum for teaching undergraduate laboratories using a scaffolding effect. Reformed Experimental Activities (REActivities) incorporates inclusivity, continuity, and engaged student learning in early chemistry experiences. Read More
Principal Investigator: Christina Goudreau Collison
Co-principal Investigators at Rochester Institute of Technology: Dina Newman, Jeremy Cody
Co-principal Investigators at Monroe Community College: Jason Anderson, Brian Edelbach

Zwickl Physics Education Research Lab
Physics Professor Dr. Ben Zwickl's research benefits students, employers and communities by addressing aspects of the gap between STEM education and workplace success. He leads education research on career-preparation in STEM, examining the link between STEM economic development and job creation which has received the broad support at both local and national levels. His research examines the rate of workplace success, which is determined by several factors. Read More 
Principal Investigator: Ben Zwickl
Postdoctoral Researcher: Dina Zohrabi Alaee
Graduate Student: Mike Verostek

SMERC Team Members

Senior Lecturer
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
3110 Institute Hall
(585) 475-4964
Scott Franklin
Director, CASTLE
Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy
2116 Carlson Building
(585) 475-2536
Kelly Norris Martin
Associate Professor
School of Communication
3200 Eastman Hall
(585) 475-2142
Casey Miller
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs
School of Chemistry and Materials Science
A141 Thomas Gosnell Hall
(585) 475-4148
Associate Professor
Thomas Gosnell School of Life Sciences
2284 Thomas Gosnell Hall
(585) 475-4482
Assistant Professor
School of Mathematical Sciences
2232 Thomas Gosnell Hall
(585) 475-7486
Leslie Kate Wright
Associate Professor
Associate Department Head, Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
2110 Thomas Gosnell Hall
(585) 475-4669
Associate Professor
School of Physics and Astronomy
3344 Thomas Gosnell Hall
(585) 475-7402

Dina Zohrabi Alaee

Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Physics and Astronomy
Thomas Gosnell 3355

Mike Verostek

Graduate Student
School of Physics and Astronomy
Thomas Gosnell 3355