Tori Sanberg standing in front of a river, smiling.


Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

Major: Biochemistry BS

Tori lives in Rochester, NY, where she grew up appreciating the outdoors through all 4 seasons. She’s on the water or hiking trails in the summer, and on the slopes snowboarding in the winter. She chose to attend SUNY Binghamton University to have the chance to do research in a lab, because she was drawn to the idea of a career in discovering and learning more about science. As a biochemistry major she liked her classes, but after her first couple years working at the lab bench, she slowly realized that wasn’t her passion. Since she always loved learning about science and helping others learn about it too, she decided to try the REU and RIT which seemed to combine her interests of doing research and STEM education.

This summer Tori’s working with Dr. Kate Wright and Dr. Dina Newman to discover more about how undergraduate students understand 3D representations of cellular biology concepts. She feels very grateful for her cohort because everyone is so kind and helpful to each other whether they’re working or not. She also is enjoying the process of exploring qualitative research and is now considering pursuing STEM education research or an adjacent field. Her hope is to one day implement more tools and help reconstruct science education in schools so all students, no matter their background or difficulties in school, have a chance to enjoy science.