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NSF DGE-1846321 CAREER: Learning to solve problems in context-rich environments: A naturalistic study in STEM workplaces, research labs, project-based courses and lab courses focuses on understand the mechanisms behind how undergraduate research experiences promote learning and affect students’ career decision-making.

Key personnel: Postdoc Dina Zohrabi Alaee

PIPELINE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project

The PIPELINE project (NSF 1633275) that is broadly focused on helping students navigate paths to employment. This collaborative project with the American Physical Society and six other institutions encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and career preparation within physics departments. The Zwickl lab is specifically focused on understanding students’ perceptions of being a physics major and where features like creativity, collaboration, and social impact fit within the physics curriculum.

Collaborators: Prof. Anne Leak at High Point University.

Quantum Education Project

Zwickl is a Co-PI on an NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute Conceptualization Grant (PI Don Figer, Award 1937076), where he leads the education and workforce development component of the project. The project is collecting industry and educator input on quantum training and developing educational systems to allow STEM majors to pursue quantum careers.

Key personnel: Graduate student Mike Verostek.
Collaborators: Prof. Heather Lewandowski and Michael J Fox (University of Colorado, Boulder).

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