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2023 CCP Lab group

Undergraduate Students

You can be a research assistant in the CCP Lab! RIT students may volunteer in the lab during the academic year (fall or spring semester) or during the summer. A limited number of paid positions are also available. It’s possible to do your co-op in the lab! Psychology majors can apply for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) – applications are due in early spring. Students in the McNair program on campus can contact Dr. DeLong if they would like to do their summer research experience in the lab. Dr. DeLong is especially interested in working with students who are typically underrepresented in STEM labs (women, AALANA students). Students will have the opportunity to earn co-authorship on presentations and articles. Students who work in the lab are encouraged to present their work at the RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium Students can obtain funding for research projects and for travel to professional conferences with the College of Liberal Arts Student Research Award and the College of Liberal Arts Student Travel Award

If you would like to join us, please email your resume/CV to Dr. DeLong at (include your GPA).

  • Required: You must be a RIT student in good standing. You can be a psychology major or a different major (e.g., biology). 
  • Recommended: Good performance (A or B) in one of Dr. DeLong’s psychology courses; completion of any Cognitive Psychology, Perception, or Learning and Behavior course; 2nd year status or above at RIT; previous experience in any lab setting.

Graduate Students

You can earn your M.S. degree in Experimental Psychology at RIT. Dr. DeLong is available to mentor a limited number of graduate students in the CCP Lab.  Graduate students in the lab will have the opportunity to work on projects with a variety of species for their thesis research. Students will be encouraged to frequently present and publish their work. For example, graduate students are encouraged to present their work at professional conferences as well as the RIT Graduate Showcase 

If you would like to apply to our M.S. program and you want to work with Dr. DeLong, you should:

  • Review the admission requirements
  • Complete a graduate application by Feb. 15 for priority review. Be sure your personal statement clearly states your interest in Dr. DeLong’s research.
  • Before you apply, contact Dr. DeLong via email with your CV and a statement of how your research interests are a good fit with the CCP Lab.
  • Visit Dr. DeLong for an interview and tour of the lab and RIT.


Headshot of Caroline DeLong

Dr. Caroline DeLong
Lab Director
Department of Psychology