Organizational Excellence is a world-class program that combines innovation with vetted sales and marketing methods (the “SMART Sales and Marketing Concepts”) to achieve notable results in any organization, with increased eciency and productivity for both the business and the individuals supporting it. Focus on internal processes in Project Management combines with broad leadership training to help organizers execute a diverse range of projects that support key business objectives. In fact, 80% of companies that have embraced and implemented the SMART Sales and Marketing concepts have experienced increased sales growth of up to 300%. The learning outcome for all attendees is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of customer centricity, innovation digital marketing, project management and leadership and sales techniques that focus on strategy and taking action. Designed to inspire change both personally and professionally, this program provides the tools to build a successful and robust sales and marketing plans enhanced with a strong sales pipeline. Drawing upon a proven method from the “Learning Pyramid,” this program applies the techniques of discussions and collaboration, a practicum component, and a chance to teach back the material for true mastery. The curriculum is delivered by three dynamic experts in sales, project management and marketing who have published research and achieved high-level positions within million- and billion-dollar companies; and now are personally committed to their students’ success. This program is designed to enhance knowledge for life-changing impact.