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Advising Resources

Advising Resources

On this page, you will find a variety of resources and guides related to Academic Advising at RIT Dubai, as well as policies and guides, and instructions on using SIS.

  • Semester Codes
    Confused by semester codes you see, such as 2191 and 2205? See this guide to understand how to read the Semester Codes used at RIT Dubai.
  • Email Etiquette
    Read this flyer to help make sure you're writing respectful and effective emails!
  • Transfer and Test Credit
    If you are interested in transferring in credit from another institution or from AP,  IB, or A-Level  exams, please review the information in this link and confer with your Academic Advisor.
  • GPA Calculator
    This tool will help you calculate your GPA based on estimated grades, or calculate the GPA you need in a term to achieve a certain cumulative GPA.
  • Courses Requiring C/C- 
    Are you aware of which courses require you not only just to pass a prerequisite course, have not just a regular prerequisite, but require you to earn a C/C- or better, in the prerequisite course?  Check this chart!
  • Alternate Grading (2020 and 2021)
    Here you can find the policies regarding the Alternate Grading option for Fall and Spring 2020-2021, as well as Spring 2020.
  • Should I Withdraw?
    If you are thinking of withdrawing from a course, stop! Read this guide first for advice on how to think through your decision.
  • SIS Training
    Access guides for different functions in SIS (Adding/ Dropping/ Withdrawing from classes, Your AAR, Graduation Applications, etc.)
  • Enrollment Dates
    Find out when your Shopping Cart opens and when you can start Enrolling for next term. Scroll down to the "Institute Calendars & Registration" box and find the link to the Enrollment Dates pdf.
  • Preparing to Enroll
    Guide for Undergraduates on how to choose your courses, check prerequisites, and search for classes.
  • Enrollment Video Tutorial
    Video instructions on how to enroll in classes, including adding, dropping, and swapping.
  • How to Read Your AAR?
    Your Academic Advisement Report is a very helpful tool that allows you to see what graduation requirements you have fulfilled and what you still have left to complete. Check this regularly to make sure you are on track!
  • Online Courses Guidelines
    If you are interested in taking an online course from any campus, please make sure you are aware of the relevant policies and restrictions as outlined in this document.
  • Transcript Ordering
    Find instructions here for ordering your official transcript.
  • Letter Requests
    Use this form to request any official academic or graduation verification letter.
  • Diploma Release
    Once you have graduated, you will receive your RIT Diploma, which is identical to the certificates for the main campus and are printed in New York and sent to us by courier.  These usually arrive in Dubai about 6-8 weeks after the end of each semester.

    Once you have been certified for your degree, you will receive instructions by email about the clearance you will need to complete (Finance, Library, Capstone submission, etc) for your diploma to be released to you.  And then you will be informed by email once the diplomas have arrived and to arrange to pick them up from the RIT Dubai campus once you have completed all your clearance formalities.

    Please contact Mr. Mourad Belmamoun at mxbcad2@rit.edu with any questions.