Covid-19 for Healthcare - Student Health Center


It is the responsibility of the RIT EH&S Department to help ensure the safety of Student Health Center (SHC) employees from potential exposure to COVID-19 while at RIT. In order to accomplish this, RIT has developed a COVID-19 Plan for Healthcare specific for SHC employees.

Training has been developed to keep staff knowledgeable with regards to the Plan and precautions to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

Applicable Regulations

Management Requirements

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19 for Healthcare, RIT is required to develop a Plan which addresses the specific hazards associated with COVID-19 and how to manage these hazards.

RIT has appointed various “safety” coordinators who will ensure the implementation and monitoring of COVID-19 procedures/policies across the campus. One of the coordinators includes the EH&S Assistant Director who will develop/implement the COVID-19 Plan. EH&S will review and update the Plan as needed to ensure that it is effective and up to date.

Some of the sections Plan include: conducting a job task hazard assessment of the SHC Department (covered in the Plan itself), implementation of engineering and administrative controls (establishment of procedures and policies) to minimize exposure to COVID-19, development of employee training, and information on proper personal protective equipment.

Training Requirements

All SHC employees are required to take the RIT-mandated “Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan” training course in addition to the SHC specific course entitled: “COVID-19 for Healthcare” course. Links to both courses mentioned are at the bottom of this webpage.

  • The “”Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan” training covers the following topics: COVID-19 transmission, symptoms, hand hygiene, face masking, physical distancing/barriers, cleaning/disinfection, risk factors of COVID-19, when to seek medical attention and RIT policies and procedures.
  • The SHC-specific course includes training around: SHC workplace-specific policies/procedures, SHC tasks that could result in infection are covered in the Plan via a link below, PPE-donning/doffing/limitations/storage/disposal/maintenance procedures, and benefits such as sick leave and remote working (Flexible Work Arrangement).

Contact the RIT Environmental Health and Safety Department with any questions at (585) 475-7092.