Student Lab/Studio/Shop Accidents, Injuries, or Exposures Program


This program establishes the requirements for the reporting and reviewing of student laboratory/studio/shop accidents, injuries and/or exposures at Rochester Institute of Technology. It is designed to help reduce injuries by reducing unsafe or hazardous conditions and discouraging accident causing unsafe acts or practices. It applies to all RIT laboratory/studio/workshop locations.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Department works hard to make sure that RIT is a safe environment for all of its students, employees, and visitors, but if an accident or injury does occur, it is important to follow the steps outlined below.

You can assist us in maintaining a safe environment for living, learning and working by reporting all unsafe conditions to your supervisor, the Public Safety Department or EH&S. Report all student accidents, injuries, and illnesses related to laboratory/studios/shops to Public Safety and EH&S.

Thoroughness of Investigation

Every investigation will be reviewed with the same vigor and thoroughness. (Minor or non-disabling injuries occur in a relatively substantial number.) Proper and complete investigations can be an effective injury prevention tool.


First and foremost it must be ensured that an injured student receives appropriate first aid/medical attention.

  • Notify Public Safety to obtain necessary medical attention.
    • Telephone calls regarding an on-campus medical emergency should be placed to the Public Safety Department at (585) 475-3333 or text (585) 205-8333.
    • Students may also report directly to the Student Health Services (585) 475-2255 for minor first aid needs or routine medical services.
  • If assistance is needed in transporting the injured student, Public Safety will report to the scene of a medical emergency, provide basic first aid, and contact an ambulance service if requested by the student.
  • After the injured person has been properly cared for, the injury investigation procedure should be started promptly. To the fullest extent possible, all conditions, which existed at the time of the accident, should remain until the investigation is completed.
  • Complete the Student Lab/Studio/Shop Accident Report Form and forward it to EH&S within 24 hours. If student is working in the capacity of a Teaching Assistant (TA) or student employee, then the Employee Worker Compensation Report Form must be filed and forwarded to Human Resources.

Review of Accident Investigation Reports

All Investigation Reports will be reviewed by EH&S to ensure that all pertinent information has been developed and that remedial action will be taken. In some cases it may be desirable to secure photographs, drawings, or other exhibits as attachments to the fact finding report so that the facts involved in the accident will be clear. Reports should include detailed statements from all witnesses to the accident, as well as others who can provide information about the accident.

The best method to establish a safe workplace is to study past accidents. By focusing on past injuries RIT hopes to avoid similar problems in the future.

Safety investigations are fact-finding and not fault-finding. The intent is not to blame someone for the accident/incident. Rather the focus is on finding out what happened, why it happened, and how we can prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future. What is learned from the investigation helps identify and correct problems, contributing to a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment.

Contact the RIT Environmental Health and Safety Department with any questions at (585) 475-7092.