Risk Management & Insurance

RIT's risk management goals are to have the highest possible concern for the safety of its students, faculty, staff and public in combination with maximum protection to prevent financial loss of institutional property. Each member of the university community is charged with a responsibility of reviewing his/her own activity with these risk management goals in mind, and whenever they appear to be in jeopardy, reporting it to management.

The university's risk management program is administered by the office of Risk Management & Insurance. The risk management process involves identifying areas of risk/liability and recommending to management means for eliminating, mitigating, transferring or retaining them.   For more information about specific risk issues, visit University Risk Management Guidelines.

Insurance coverage is purchased in those instances when it has been determined that the university cannot eliminate or economically retain a specific type of risk.  For more information about the university's insurance program, visit University Insurance.

RIT is concerned about the health and well-being of our students.  As such, the university provides several group insurance options for students.  Please visit  Student Insurance  for detailed information about health, dental, property and tuition refund insurance products.


Risk Management & Insurance Forms