Wiedman Fitness Center

This two-story 16,000 square foot area features a full range of selectorized machines, free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and a large stretching area.

Current facility occupancies can be viewed online.


Wiedman Fitness Center Rules

  • Do not remove equipment from the fitness center.
  • Coats, bags, racquets and other sport equipment are prohibited.
  • Athletic apparel (tops and bottoms) and footwear required at all times.  
    • No jeans/khakis/cargo pants or other clothing with buckles, zippers, or buttons.
  • Collars are required when using free weights.
  • Do not drop or slam weights.
  • Wrestling and martial arts are prohibited.
  • Running up and down stairs is prohibited.
  • Food is prohibited.
  • Children under 14 are not permitted to access the workout area.
  • Report injuries, illness or equipment problems to the attendant.
  • Read the instructions on equipment prior to use.
  • Non-compliant individuals may be asked to leave or have privileges suspended.
  • Wellness classes have priority for education and training purposes.
  • Other group workouts must be limited to five people per group during non-peak hours (before 5pm during the semester).
  • RIT personal trainers are the only trainers authorized to provide personal training services within our facilities.
  • All other rules are posted on site.

Fitness Center Etiquette

  • Wipe down the equipment after use.
  • Do not monopolize any one piece of equipment.
  • Rotate within a circuit with other patrons whenever possible.
  • Return all equipment to its appropriate place.
  • Good personal hygiene makes it pleasurable for all.
  • Please keep the fitness center neat and clean.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.


 05/27: CLOSED
 05/28: 6am - 8pm
 05/29: 6am - 8pm
 05/30: 6am - 8pm
 05/31: 6am - 8pm
 06/01: 10am - 8pm