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HP Indigo Media Certification Program

RIT’s HP Indigo certification program enables media manufacturers, suppliers and HP Indigo digital press owners to evaluate compatibility with HP Indigo Digital Offset Color™ presses.

Program Overview

The media certification procedure incorporates several evaluations. After passing an initial screening evaluation, the substrate is passed on for a more comprehensive evaluation looking at the performance of the particular substrate within the press.

This checks for:

  • Runnability
  • Ink-transferability
  • Blanket-substrate compatibility
  • Blanket-temperature operating window
  • Ink-substrate interaction (adhesion)


Once testing is completed, a comprehensive report is generated for every tested media and provided to the customer. If the evaluated media has achieved a passing result and with approval of the customer, the full report of the media evaluation, as well as the media specific properties are posted to the HP and RIT websites. HP users and prospective media purchasers will be able to browse the listing of media grades and identify media compatible with their printing needs.

RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory also provides a range of additional services to HP Indigo customers and media suppliers including product benchmarking, customized testing, media sampling press runs, as well as telephone support on substrate issues.  Please contact (585) 475-6878 for assistance.



HP Worldwide Certified Substrates and Suppliers,

(note: access to this website is restricted to current HP customers only)


The HP Indigo 3 Star Rating System

Performance Criteria

Evaluation Measurement

Best Performing Substrates

Recommended Substrates

Good Substrates

Runnability Evaluated during the entire duration of the test procedure High percentage of ink adhesion. Acceptable percentage of ink adhesion. Minimal acceptable percentage of ink adhesion
Adhesion & Flaking Calibrated Tape Pull & Flaking Test Fewer print cleaners needed. Some print cleaner pages needed. Print cleaner pages generally needed
Blanket Compatibility Evaluation of Blanket Cleaner pages at predetermined intervals in the testing procedure No Blanket memory observed during normal testing intervals. Slight blanket memory may be seen during normal testing intervals. Some blanket memory may be seen during normal testing intervals
For more detail on HP’s Star Rating System, please consult our program brochures

Pricing Information

  Evaluation Type Pricing Material Required
Commercial Screen Evaluation $725.00 per substrate 1,500 Sheets
Full Evaluation $1,700.00 per substrate 6,000 Sheets
Full Evaluation with White Ink $1,700.00 per substrate* 2,000 Sheets
Interpolations* $100.00 per weight 250 Sheets
  Evaluation Type Pricing Material Required
Specialty Media
& One Shot
Screen Evaluation No Screen Evaluation  
Full Evaluation $1,075.00 per substrate 1,000 Sheets
Full Evaluation with White Ink $1,075.00 per substrate* 1,000 Sheets
Interpolations* $100.00 per weight (When Applicable)  
* To certify a range of weights of the same paper grade, two full evaluations would be conducted on the lowest and highest basis weight, if text and cover weights are manufactured on the same machine. One middle weight would have a screen evaluation performed and all other weights would be certified by interpolation upon approval of the performed evaluations. This provides a cost effective way of ensuring that a full range of commercial media is certified. For weights manufactured on multiple machines, the diagram to the right shows an example of the proposed test plan:
Additional Information 

For more information on the HP Indigo Media Certification Program, please consult our program brochures by clicking on the images below: